Time for Renewal : A Shower Ritual

THE SELF ACTUALIZED WOMAN … has a special relationship with her body.


She is connected to the Moon and her Womb. She knows the time of the New Moon and bleeding are auspicious time to release the old and prepare for the new. What follows is a simple Cleansing Ritual that I learned from a Grandmother in Guatemala

It consists in showering or bathing with the intention to release any blockages on the 13 sacred joints.

BEFORE YOU START. Find your own words to set the intention. For example for the Left Ankle: I release everything that’s holding me back on my spiritual path. I now walk feeling guided and being taken care of. 

WHEN YOU ARE READY. With the right temperature, candles, flowers, incenses or anything else that makes this time sacred for you … we intent to release in the following order: 

Left Ankle: Spiritual Path; Connection with Mother, Motherhood, Earth, Spiritual Nourishment

Right Ankle: Physical, Career Path; Connection with Mother, Motherhood, Earth, Physical Nourishment

Left Knee: Spiritual Growth; Feeling Submissive

Right Knee: Material Growth; Partnerships for Growth; Obligation to be Submissive

Left Hip: Spiritual Advancement; Direction; Walking in Company of others

Right Hip: Physical, Career and Partnership Advancement; Direction; Independence

Left Shoulder: Spiritual Support

Right Shoulder: Partner and Family Support

Left Elbow: Dedication to spiritual activities; feeling loved; Communication

Right Elbow: Work, Career; feeling loved; Communication

Left Wrist: Security; Protection; Relationship with Father or Authority

Right Wrist: Work (small tasks – details); Relationship with Father or Authority

Neck: Communication, Connection with Higher Self


Learn more about the Self-Actualized Woman , the Women’s Moon Lodge, and our Free-Videos on YouTube

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{ Working with the Moon } – New Moon, preparing to manifest

Following the energies of the Full Moon last week (Yan energies), we prepare ourselves for the New Moon (Yin energies) on Friday 10 May.

We are 9 days away, and in the Mayan Tradition, number 9 represents the feminine energy (masculine represented with number 8). Number 9 brings the energies of realization, power, action and strength. Because today we start a cycle of 9 days, counting down towards the New Moon, I am sharing with you these notes – I thought you would like to make the most of this cycle we started together last week!

The New Moon (Yin energy) is a time of looking within yourself. New Moons are a great time to set intentions for things you’d like to create, develop, cultivate, make manifest. There are many ways to initiate this communion with the Universe from lighting a candle to elaborate rituals. What matters is that you’re committing yourself to your vision, and open to receiving guidance, healing, support from Spirit.

The New Moon next Friday will be enhanced with a Solar eclipse. Solar eclipses affect the subtle planes, so we may have more sensitivity those days. And we will certainly be protected, so use techniques you know for energy protections (carry stones, invoque your angels, etc).

A simple ritual I like to practice is setting up intentions to a white candle, that I will light as an offering on the New Moon day. During the 9 previous days, I light smaller candles and incenses as preparation for the day, each candle with intentions I want to work with towards the New Moon.

Some of you may have an altar at home, where you can gather meaningful objects or images of your intentions. Creating an altar is very simple: you only need a candle of light colour, water, whole rice or sesame seeds, you can add fresh flowers, pictures of your guides, stones. Make it beautiful and appealing to you.

If you start today the cycle of 9 days, you will need 8 small candles + 1 big candle for the moon. A cycle of 9 days will connect you with your cyclic nature.

{ Working with the Moon } – WESAK Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

Once a year, on what is considered to be the most powerful full moon of the year, your Higher Soul gets the chance and privilege to immerse itself in a downpour of Divine Energy to purify your vehicles, chakras and physical body as well as to use that energy to bless Mother Earth.

The Full Moon reaches its peak on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 21.59. With this Full Moon we will also experience a partial lunar eclipse that intensifies an already intense Full Moon: Wesak.

The time after the Full Moon is a good time for shedding and releasing. The energies of that day that corresponds to the Mayan calendar support us in our transformation, and I’ll be sharing that with you.

In honor of the Full Moon, I am following my heart once again and hosting a Meditation for us with the idea to share and awaken together. I am happy to open my Studio for those who want to join, and please feel free to bring friends if you want to. Just let me know via email, and the names of your friends. 🙂


for women @ Dare to Glow Studio
Thursday 25 April, 20h30 – 22h45

– your meditation cushion if you have
– healthy snacks to share with the group
– your crystals, tarot cards, drums or any other inspiring thing that you want to share with the group ( a text, a quote… ) Let’s create an evening of High magic!

Everyone is welcome and a contribution is appreciated as an energy exchange, also to cover room cost and other materials for the evening.

Say Thanks !

Most people live their life going around unconscious, without noticing either their inner world or the outside world. When you are unconscious, you don’t really see all of what you have, all what the world has to offer.

Now that you have a practice to face fear with kindness and a practice to live in the present moment with an open heart so you learn from then, you are gaining the awareness that is needed to practice gratitude for all what you have, all what you are.


Practicing gratitude for all you have is an anchor to stop, breath and reflect about the abundance in your life, and in the world.

It opens you up to possibilities, to opportunities for evolution. You will stop living in scarcity and in the fear of not getting enough .

The instructions for this practice include 2 rituals that I found are the most powerful to unlock transformation. They are very simple and please, feel free to create your own ritual .

A. The first one is carrying a Diary of Gratitude with you. In this diary, you will write down all the things you love in your life, and all the things you would love to have, happen, experience. It is important that you write them as if they were already happening within you.

The universe is the source of …. and I am grateful for all of … I have now in my life.
I am grateful to the Universe for…….. and I am willing to share this with …….

You can write little sentences or words, in the morning or in the evening, on the go, at the office. The idea is to build up simple, little moments to reflect and contemplate all what you love in your life.

B. Another ritual is to organize Gratitude Dinners. These are very special events, where you become the source of love and you are in charge to spread it around ! The idea is to choose very special guests that share the same mind set and are ready to celebrate each other accomplishments and happiness. The power of these events is amazing, because you have to read out loud and toast what are you grateful for, the power of the words and cheers raises the vibration of all participants.

Think of 4 or 5 people you would like to share this experience with. Each of the guests has to bring along a list of things they are grateful for.

At the beginning of the evening, while everyone is with a low level of alcohol (remember is about consciousness!), make a toast for each of the points on everyone’s lists, when they ready it out loud. Something like:
    –    ‘I am very grateful for/to…..’
    –    ‘Cheers!’
    –    and then the next guest… until all lists are finished.
    –    Proceed to dinner and celebration.

Now that you are here, stop for a few seconds and think : What are you grateful for ?

Until tomorrow,

Stay light and live inspired,

Carolina Rodriguez Barros
Founder, Director & Glowing Master?Dare to


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