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{ Courageous Conversation } Deeper power in the bedroom and the boardroom

Radical Self Love & Sensuality Practices

Imagine for a second, what would this world be if every woman loved and respected herself so much that she is first in her priorities  ? What if every woman would take care of herself first, in order for her to have more resources to contribute her gifts, beauty and love to the world ?

This is a practice for those women who have claimed the first position on the daily list of tasks – without asking for permission !

Radical Self Love : 

Before going out of bed : with a hand in your belly and one in your heart : be grateful for this day. You are awake ! When we stop taking life for granted, we start seeing the magic of it all.

Before breakfast : light a candle (see below for scented candles) – what do you intent to experience yourself today?

Breakfast : what is your favourite breakfast? Croissant and Hot Chocolate? A Healthy Smoothy ? Go for it ! Indulge yourself, mindfully.

Shower : Notice the water on your skin. Which temperature feels just PERFECT and DELICIOUS to you today ?

Get dressed : When getting dressed, focus on that part of your body that you LOVE the most. Really proud, and make you feel like a — WOW ! A Glowing Woman ! Yep, it can be the colour of your eyes ! If so, chose a color that makes your eyes sparkle !

Make a date with YOURSELF today : take yourself for lunch and have some quality SOLO time. Share with yourself your wildest dreams. Your deepest longings. Listen to that part of you that is dreaming with an incredible glowing life, relationships, career, family, house, car, anything ! Be fully present for yourself, this dates is minimum one hour ! Give yourself the attention and love that you deserve. That only you can give to yourself.

And then, look at your dreams. Believe in their beauty. Fully embrace and receive that vision of yourself.

If you can dream it , you can create it.  Be there, for you. Everything changes. Expect Magic when you open up to yourself !

Claim your Sensuality :

Sensuality : coming back to our senses. Since long time ago we have left home, our bodies, to give all the power to our intellect, most women have lost the capacity to FEEL.

The need to CONTROL our bodies so we could focus on our minds contributed to the creation of a world of pills, treatments and practices to reinforce that split.

While massages and spa treats are totally delicious from time to time, they do not build up the confidence and love in our bodies and life that we need to cultivate if we really want to experience love, connection and soul beauty – that one that moves you to tears.

Coming Back to your Senses:


EYE GAZE. “When eye contact between two people is initiated and maintained, an invisible energetic circuit is established between the two participants, dissolving the barriers that ordinarily separate them from each other, drawing them ever closer into a shared awareness of union.”  Will Johnson Read more practices here


Do you know your favourite perfume or scent ? Have you taken the time to really discover what is the scent that you really love on your skin, your bed linen, your home ? Take time to smell flowers, essential oil, or natural scented candles and body lotions and surround yourself with this perfume.


Which songs crack your heart wide open ? Which songs invite your body to a sensual dance ? Make a play list, and dance them away (if possible, naked!)


The feminine touch is extremely sensual and powerfully healing. Feminine touch with no hidden agenda – just enjoying the sensations as they come. Without a pre-conceived idea of how it should be, or where to move next. Practice the art of feminine touch . Take a few deep breaths and make yourself comfortable . Close your eyes and bring your full awareness into your body. Notice, which parts of your body need caring touch right now ? Is there a sensation of pain, tension or anything else that needs touch ? Place your hand. Breathe. ahhh..


On your next meal, pay close attention what is in your plate . Do you notice textures and flavours ? Take the time to feel them a bit deeper : which flavours are your favourite ? Which sensations are triggered in your body ? Practice Mindful Eating with beautiful Hiba, founder of HealthWise and contributor to the Glowing Woman Journey Online Experience. 


How does sensuality feel to you ?  Try different clothes and pay attention how different fabrics touch your skin and evoke a certain feeling in your body.

Most importantly, enjoy the process of discovery while claiming back your sensuality. It is a deep transformative practice.

The feminine beauty, flow and strength is found in the practice of being in touch with our deepest truth and daring to follow it until is manifested in our world.

Do you dare to experience it ?

Join us for our 11-week online experience HERE. Before 13 February 2015. It’s time for LOVE , CONNECTION AND GLOW !

A Beautiful Journey

She recognizes herself

as the main creator of her masterpiece

Her masterpiece is her Life

She engages herself in a journey of liberation from the past

that is empowering and revealing

She wants to dig deep, remember her essence

and clearly see why she is here

She nurtures herself

and her relationships

Her business and career are

a Soulful expression of her mission

for this lifetime

She is many women at once

She is all women at once

She lives in sisterhood

Her body is her temple

Nature is her best friend

She doesn’t hold anyone

responsible for her life

She is the one

she was waiting for

Here she is. In you.

Waiting to be awakened.

Welcome Home.


The Self Actualized Woman

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Emotional Balance – Practice makes the master

InnerWatersI am so excited to present (finally !) the most popular of all Moon Lodge sessions : Emotional Balance. Working with the calming and transformative element of water, I guide you through a 28′ session.

Go get yours, download it onto your mobile devices.

PRACTICE MAKES THE MASTER. ENJOY and let me know how it goes here below !

{ Working with the Moon } – The Inner Mother

We are welcoming the June New Moon in Cancer . This is a time to look at yourself honestly, and give love to every  action, thought and feeling. Simply recognise yourself as already whole and perfect… you are LOVE!

Cancer is the sign of the Sacred Feminine, the creative Mother energy and the nurturer. This new moon offers an energy to go within and view our relationship to our ‘Mother’ within, our sacred intuitive and caring natures.

What can your ‘Inner-Mother’ teach you at this time…

Our Women’s Moon Lodge takes place on Tuesday 24th June under the New Moon (and Sun) in Cancer, inviting is to reflect on our self-care, true needs and longings with the Archetype of the Inner Mother.


If we consider your menstrual cycle, your Mother Archetype corresponds to the time of ovulation. If we consider your life cycle, ancient traditions say that we enter the mother archetype at 52 years old. In the Self Actualised Women Cycle, the Mother Archetype is the one who represents more challenges, most of the time related to early childhood or womb life experiences. The truth is, that regardless of what mothering you experienced in childhood, your inner Loving Mother brings warmth and nurturance to encourage you on your path. Your Loving Mother archetype draws out the best in you and helps you to succeed. She teaches, guides, explains and gives you unconditional love. She provides the intimacy that exists between a (inner) mother and her (inner) child and she helps you to be intimate with others. In every situation, she provides the healing unguent of wisdom and unconditional love that soothes your Soul. 

The presence of Unloving Mother within you is the exact opposite. ( You know, everything comes in polarities for us to dance to find our own balance ! ) With Unloving Mother, you experience an abandoning and aloof energy towards yourself and towards others. You may also compensate with a self-indulging spoiling mechanism…  you encourage yourself ~and the people around ~ you to pursue the “mommy” things of life inordinately—like food, sex, drugs, money and shopping—to fill the inner void that comes from the lack of true Loving Mother nurturance within. Or you may compensate by overcontroling, micromanaging and nagging behaviours…

The healthiest Mother nurtures herself , in order to give the best to others. She places healthy boundaries, she is emotionally stable, she gives and receives in a well balanced flow.


With love, Samiel Carolina


Redefining Letting Go

I hear it again and again in my private practice, workshops and spontaneous conversations. How difficult is to let go of things, situations, relationships… How do you actually do it?….

What if letting go is not about forgetting the wounds, closing doors to past relationships or situations  but more like embracing them? If we can shift to a new way of practicing letting go, resentment, bitterness and separation are transformed into a feeling of wholeness and gratitude. I had experienced that again and again myself and clients receiving the DNA rectification as well.

What is needed is to think about INCLUSION: all situations, all relationships, everything you had experienced until today are part of you. And each of these experiences has two polarities, as the Mayan Elders taught me. We are very well trained to focus on the negative, we have built mechanisms to escape. When we choose to focus on the positive, inclusion happens and the letting go comes natural.

The mistake most people make is to focus on letting go what doesn’t work, what hurts… the negative pole. That very act is already feeding the memory strengthening the attachment to it. So in the process, we build up all kind of stories that become “excuses” or reasons to keep that memory, relationships or situation around, making the “letting go” difficult.

What if the “ultimate letting go” is about letting go of judgment and self-criticism? The transformation is now coming by integrating.

INCLUSION is the word : include all past relationships, experiences and situations that left any kind of bitterness, resentment or wound by having a dialogue with yourself, in a quiet place:

  • I understand this xxx happened FOR me
  • describe the situation
  • what where the emotions and thoughts associated with it?
  • what did I learned? what positive qualities did I developed thanks to this event?
  • write them all down on paper – finish with “I AM GRATEFUL”
  • burn the paper
  • MOVE ON knowing that that very thing is part of who you are today.

Developing the skill of INCLUSION is crucial at this time of rapid change in our lives. We now don’t have much time to stay attached to old things, situations and relationships. I see in my practice all sort of physical symptoms (new or old ones re-appearing), sending clear messages that time has come to listen to them in order to move on in peace, harmony and beauty! So, as you walk forward, practice INCLUSION, developing your full potential and becoming everything you already ARE.




MINDFULNESS & PMS : accepting your cycle

The longing of a woman to feel connected with her nature, her creative forces, her body and her place in nature can often express itself in negative behavior if it is ignored. By returning to the intelligence and wisdom of her own body she is able to restore this connection, a sense of belonging and authenticity. She feels resourceful to shred her rigid identity to external achievements and re-create herself in a more holistic way, experiencing a new sense of wholeness and well-being .

Painful memories, negative thoughts and emotions simply reinforce the physical pain that a woman is experiencing every month.

One of the practices of the Self-Actualized Woman involves embracing her womb and cyclical nature to better live up to her potential every month, every day.


Lay down somewhere comfortable, wearing comfortable clothes, light some candles and soft incense or burning oil if you wish. Bringing your awareness to your physical body through your breath, feeling the expansion and contraction of your abdomen as you breathe in and out. Relax by breathing like this for a few moments, becoming aware of the pain and /or tension, and staying fully receptive of it. Place your hands gently where there is pain and/or tension. Now you can feel it even more. Breathe in those places : breath in gratitude for your cycle, breathe out releasing and letting go. Breathe like this for a few moments, notice if anxiety or resistance rises. Stay with it. Keep breathing. The pain will slowly ease. A powerful sentence you can whisper to those parts of your body, is “I feel you, I love you – I feel you, I love you” – stay with your hands there. Bring all your love, recognition and compassion to those areas in pain. 

Women had experienced that pain reduces practicing this visualization over time . Practice Mindfulness cycle after cycle and your whole attitude towards your cycle and your body starts to shift.

The changes are more profound that what you can imagine.


The practice of the Self-Actualized Woman- Body Mapping

BodyMappingSAW2The Self-Actualized Woman travels in her body. She gains full awareness and inner power. Her Body Map becomes the creative support that witness her process and allows her to explore and creatively communicate the stories that she lives in her body.

She knows that a woman who does not know her body and the power that inhabits it, can never develop her inner powers … For her, it is essential to heal this missing link. She wants to learn the value of each of the things that happen to her, the messages received through her body…

The Self Actualized Woman embodies everything that she is as a woman.

She has stopped to see herself as weak,  dirty or less … She stood up and raised for what it is true to herself !


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