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{ Courageous Conversation } Deeper power in the bedroom and the boardroom


She asked : How do I find balance in my life ?

… when I feel that I am pulled in all directions ?

Come back home.

See. Feel. Experience.

That you are not broken.

Know that you don’t need

to be fixed.

It is time to


All parts of yourself

have always been here.

You are whole.

Rest, dear.


Welcome Home.


Your Soul Centred Resolutions Home Practice helps you to restore balance by re.membering all parts of yourself. SHOP HERE.

The best accessory you can ever wear

The best accessory of a self-actualised woman is peace.

When you carry peace within you, you become beautifully present.

You are gracefully visible. It is easy to fill up a room.

Effortlessly you attract the people that resonates with your Soul.

Your posture is tall and lean you stand still, you seat tall, and walk slowly.

You are magnetic.

You glow beauty from the inside out.

You listen You are listened

Peace creates grace and grace gives peace.


Time for Renewal : A Shower Ritual

THE SELF ACTUALIZED WOMAN … has a special relationship with her body.


She is connected to the Moon and her Womb. She knows the time of the New Moon and bleeding are auspicious time to release the old and prepare for the new. What follows is a simple Cleansing Ritual that I learned from a Grandmother in Guatemala

It consists in showering or bathing with the intention to release any blockages on the 13 sacred joints.

BEFORE YOU START. Find your own words to set the intention. For example for the Left Ankle: I release everything that’s holding me back on my spiritual path. I now walk feeling guided and being taken care of. 

WHEN YOU ARE READY. With the right temperature, candles, flowers, incenses or anything else that makes this time sacred for you … we intent to release in the following order: 

Left Ankle: Spiritual Path; Connection with Mother, Motherhood, Earth, Spiritual Nourishment

Right Ankle: Physical, Career Path; Connection with Mother, Motherhood, Earth, Physical Nourishment

Left Knee: Spiritual Growth; Feeling Submissive

Right Knee: Material Growth; Partnerships for Growth; Obligation to be Submissive

Left Hip: Spiritual Advancement; Direction; Walking in Company of others

Right Hip: Physical, Career and Partnership Advancement; Direction; Independence

Left Shoulder: Spiritual Support

Right Shoulder: Partner and Family Support

Left Elbow: Dedication to spiritual activities; feeling loved; Communication

Right Elbow: Work, Career; feeling loved; Communication

Left Wrist: Security; Protection; Relationship with Father or Authority

Right Wrist: Work (small tasks – details); Relationship with Father or Authority

Neck: Communication, Connection with Higher Self


Learn more about the Self-Actualized Woman , the Women’s Moon Lodge, and our Free-Videos on YouTube

The practice of the Self-Actualized Woman- Body Mapping

BodyMappingSAW2The Self-Actualized Woman travels in her body. She gains full awareness and inner power. Her Body Map becomes the creative support that witness her process and allows her to explore and creatively communicate the stories that she lives in her body.

She knows that a woman who does not know her body and the power that inhabits it, can never develop her inner powers … For her, it is essential to heal this missing link. She wants to learn the value of each of the things that happen to her, the messages received through her body…

The Self Actualized Woman embodies everything that she is as a woman.

She has stopped to see herself as weak,  dirty or less … She stood up and raised for what it is true to herself !

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{ Working with the Moon } – Earth-Moon-Womb connection

Woman is Earth-Moon in essence. To learn from her Earth-Moon womb, a woman must hold fast to vessel of perfect intuition with which she is gifted from birth. Moon essence essentially unveils her nature as gentle and receptive. This has often been viewed by the patriarchal mind as emotional feebleness and lack of intelligence. On the contrary, the ancient wisdom remind us that this sensitive powers transform all dream potential into Earth powers. Therefore, the Moon Lodge manifests the profundity of the feeling realms, and makes the invisible perceptible through the opening of the womb’s eye within. A woman in the Moon Lodge learns to see with her womb’s eyes…
When, our of fear, guilt and shame a woman ignores her Moon Lodge, she hopelessly isolates herself from her circle of women. A woman may erroneously imagine that, in order to be equal to man, she must obtain the same opportunities that he enjoys. This is understandable, after 5400 years of “teachings” that this is the way to fulfilment. Yet she disconnects slowly from her very core, loosing her power, inspiration and motivation, to finally be impossible to recognise her own dreams and desires.
Women on their way back to themselves, must have their own women’s circles and step into their creative powers again.


Shakti Medicine : Tu Cuerpo. Tu Oráculo.

Shakti Medicine parte de una premisa: en tiempos de expansión de la conciencia, los principios transformadores y creativos femeninos son los que deberían despertarse en cada ser humano. A través de estas cartas vamos a descubrir que Shakti es la medicina del principio creador femenino que se necesita con urgencia para concebir y dar a luz a la nueva humanidad en la que lo femenino y lo masculino están íntimamente equilibrados, integrados y en armonía con toda la naturaleza.
»» Quieres recuperar tu poder personal de transformación y creación ?
»» Quieres sanar tu cuerpo físico y liberarte de patrones emocionales ?
»» Quieres entender el rol que tu juegas en la Ascención de la Tierra y la creación de la Nueva Humanidad?

Entonces quedas invitad@ al lanzamiento, presentación y experiencia quintidimensional Shakti Medicine :

El Oráculo de Shakti Medicine es una poderosa herramienta de sanación basada en la consciencia del cuerpo físico y emocional, en conección con el Alma, la Tierra y el Cosmos. Las ilustraciones son llaves de consciencia de un alto poder vibratorio diseñadas a partir de principios de geometría sagrada y códigos de luz para sanar y mover la energía creativa que se encuentra estancada.

Confía en que tu propósito creativo no tiene límites.
Prepárate para manifestar lo que deseas.

»»»» Dónde nace Shakti Medicine ?

Los Ancianos Sabios de nuestro planeta sabían que en tiempos de expansión de la conciencia, los principios transformadores y creativos femeninos deberían despertarse en cada Ser. La energía de Shakti es la medicina que cada uno lleva dentro y que se necesita con urgencia para concebir y dar a luz a la nueva humanidad donde lo femenino y lo masculino están íntimamente equilibrados, integrados y en armonía con la naturaleza, los animales y todos los elementos.

»»»» Programa :

18h Presentación y firma de ejemplares por Samiel y Eric
19h Meditación en Movimiento Shakti Medicine en la 5ta dimensión
20h cierre

Los oráculos estarán a la venta.



»»»» Sobre los autores :

Samiel Carolina (Argentina) : Samiel es una Alquimista del Alma, facilitando desde hace mas de 11 años la transformación de la consciencia para la creación de la nueva humanidad. Su proceso personal para aceptar y expresar su propio poder creador la llevó a formarse en técnicas de trabajo corporal consciente, la psicología cuántica, la biodescodificación, sanación energética y las tradiciones espirituales chamánicas de America del Sur.

Eric Boehm (Suiza) : Guiado por la luz, la energía y la vibración que nos rodean, Eric expresa y comparte el mundo sutil a través de creaciones celestiales de alta frecuencia.


Viernes 22 de Febrero | 18h-20h |
Club Kolima: Calle Covarrubias 28 – Madrid