She asked : How do I find balance in my life ?

… when I feel that I am pulled in all directions ?

Come back home.

See. Feel. Experience.

That you are not broken.

Know that you don’t need

to be fixed.

It is time to


All parts of yourself

have always been here.

You are whole.

Rest, dear.


Welcome Home.


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Leaving the mind to come back home

Leaving the mind to come back home. Diving into the inner waters, revealing your deepest truth. Finding clear answers, and courage to take new directions. My favourite guided visualisation, inspired on a Dark New Moon night. All for you ~ DareToGlow is the attitude when you want to create a life you LOVE. Get yours here


{ Working with the Moon } – The Inner Mother

We are welcoming the June New Moon in Cancer . This is a time to look at yourself honestly, and give love to every  action, thought and feeling. Simply recognise yourself as already whole and perfect… you are LOVE!

Cancer is the sign of the Sacred Feminine, the creative Mother energy and the nurturer. This new moon offers an energy to go within and view our relationship to our ‘Mother’ within, our sacred intuitive and caring natures.

What can your ‘Inner-Mother’ teach you at this time…

Our Women’s Moon Lodge takes place on Tuesday 24th June under the New Moon (and Sun) in Cancer, inviting is to reflect on our self-care, true needs and longings with the Archetype of the Inner Mother.


If we consider your menstrual cycle, your Mother Archetype corresponds to the time of ovulation. If we consider your life cycle, ancient traditions say that we enter the mother archetype at 52 years old. In the Self Actualised Women Cycle, the Mother Archetype is the one who represents more challenges, most of the time related to early childhood or womb life experiences. The truth is, that regardless of what mothering you experienced in childhood, your inner Loving Mother brings warmth and nurturance to encourage you on your path. Your Loving Mother archetype draws out the best in you and helps you to succeed. She teaches, guides, explains and gives you unconditional love. She provides the intimacy that exists between a (inner) mother and her (inner) child and she helps you to be intimate with others. In every situation, she provides the healing unguent of wisdom and unconditional love that soothes your Soul. 

The presence of Unloving Mother within you is the exact opposite. ( You know, everything comes in polarities for us to dance to find our own balance ! ) With Unloving Mother, you experience an abandoning and aloof energy towards yourself and towards others. You may also compensate with a self-indulging spoiling mechanism…  you encourage yourself ~and the people around ~ you to pursue the “mommy” things of life inordinately—like food, sex, drugs, money and shopping—to fill the inner void that comes from the lack of true Loving Mother nurturance within. Or you may compensate by overcontroling, micromanaging and nagging behaviours…

The healthiest Mother nurtures herself , in order to give the best to others. She places healthy boundaries, she is emotionally stable, she gives and receives in a well balanced flow.


With love, Samiel Carolina

Authentic Feminine Power

At the core of the Self-Actualized Woman practice are the four archetypes that made us whole as women. The Maiden (or Virgin) is the archetype that bring us endless energy to conquer the world. Enthusiasm, vitality, self-confidence and a tremendous power of influence. She is our analytical and rational mind. She knows the power of our presence as women, using all the resources she has to get what she wants.

This archetype is the one that supports most go getters and high-achieving women : In all these years of coaching corporate women and independent professionals, the number one thing clients are asking for is a more authentic way of being a woman – or using the femininity – without being “vulgar” or “taken for granted”…

In the beginning this always amazed me, and honestly I couldn’t really understand at first: being myself a go getter, a designer, ex model and body awareness practitioner, the idea of femininity being a weakness or threatening was not in my circle of reality. Soon I started to study European women’s point of view so I could understand and help in a much more effective way. 

When I understood the reasons of this point of view, I was not really satisfied so I had to look  back in our evolution and into very ancient teachings – what today I call the Grandmothers. How they explain why women are so afraid and do not trust their own power rooted in their own femininity.

Our grandmothers say that women lost their power and confidence when they started to wear trousers and walked away from the fire. For them, skirts is much more than a garment. A skirt is the symbol of power, of connection, roots and strength. It is what makes woman unique AND different from men. When women started to wear trousers, they were hopping to get the same opportunities than men, the same rights … forgetting their most sacred duty : to be true to her essence. The patriarchal society was born, and with it we became all lost in an endless egoistic battle for power (to do what?), recognition (to become who?) leading at the end, to isolation and separation.

Yesterday at the Self-Actualized Woman Cycle , the session was dedicated to the Maiden archetype and her energies, believes and behavior through us. Once again, it was empowering and enriching for us all to explore her in each of us through the bodily experience of her energy, to receive her messages that answered important questions to each participant.

The main believe that we explored in the circle was around seduction & manipulation, as if they are both the main characteristic of femininity.  Both in my private practice and in my circles and workshops, I work with incredible women with incredible careers and achievements of all kind, longing for loving relationships, for having kids (before it was to late), for having more peace of mind, creativity, time for themselves, or enjoying a much more healthy lifestyle. When exploring their personal roots to the disempowering beliefs around femininity, we found them in their relationship to their father (authority, leadership), to being born to a family who wanted a boy, or being the first daughter to parents who divorced too early and she took care of her siblings -to name the main ones.

I invite you to explore for yourself the meaning you give to and memories associated with the following terms, that define the Maiden in you : 


The conclusions of the circle were that we can actually develop our Authentic Feminine Power when we shift from any superficial image of ourself, when we get rid of old labels and stereotypes, and we dare to define on our own terms what kind of dynamic woman we want to be.

The Self-Actualized Woman does not rule the world. She is the world herself. And she creates her reality as she walks her own and unique path.

The practice of the Self-Actualized Woman- Body Mapping

BodyMappingSAW2The Self-Actualized Woman travels in her body. She gains full awareness and inner power. Her Body Map becomes the creative support that witness her process and allows her to explore and creatively communicate the stories that she lives in her body.

She knows that a woman who does not know her body and the power that inhabits it, can never develop her inner powers … For her, it is essential to heal this missing link. She wants to learn the value of each of the things that happen to her, the messages received through her body…

The Self Actualized Woman embodies everything that she is as a woman.

She has stopped to see herself as weak,  dirty or less … She stood up and raised for what it is true to herself !


{ Working with the Moon } – Preparing to Close a Cycle

Full Moon tomorrow 17 December, to light brightly your achievements in this year 2013. Take the time to notice what are you grateful for, and write everything down on a paper. Share with friends and family , send thank you notes, sms and emails. Increase your awareness of all the wonderful things you have in your life right now.

The Full Moon phase symbolizes illumination of something that has been in the shadows or within the dim corners of the subconscious and it comes into awareness. As you notice the good things, also pay attention to what comes to the surface: this Full Moon in Gemini is about our emotions that need to come up for you to finally learn and move on into a new cycle aligned with our truth. We are living a time where masks need to be dropped. We cannot hold onto fake images of ourselves and our reality anymore. This Full Moon will show us the truth and the need to integrate our mind, imagination and heart. So BE GENTLE with yourself and others. Really take the time to pause and stay away from the busy-ness of this period as much as you can. Stay with yourself.

Right after the Full Moon, we’ll go through the Winter Solstice on Saturday 21 December. The longest, darkest night of the year gives us the opportunity to die and be born again to start a full new cycle. This is time for introspection, for letting go the old, the unused, and everything that is not supportive. Make conscious what you do not want anymore in your life in 2014 and light candles or a fire for the Winter Solstice, asking for those things to be transmuted. Feel the fire energy of the new Sun arising.
The New Moon comes on the 1st of January 2014, so we actually start the new year with the blessings of a New Moon: time for new beginnings, planting seeds with intention and vision. Allow the dark sky of this New Moon be the place where the stars shine upon us to reveal the many gifts we have, the many possibilities of the year 2014. let’s only reflect upon what we want to create in 2014.
Our Women’s Moon Lodge meeting is on Tuesday 7th January @19h at AvieVa Studio, everyone is invited to join. The theme of this evening will be “Creating Our Reality”. You can check the complete 2014 calendar and register online here.
Places are limited so please register in advance. Everyone is welcome, so feel free to pass around this email and invite your friends.
For this evening, you need to bring :
  • one box that you like, a picture of yourself that you really love, and pictures of things, places, moments that inspire you
  • snacks to share with the group
  • a comfortable skirt or dress that you’ll wear
The Women’s Moon Lodge is on donation basis, as energy exchange and to cover the costs of room and materials. Suggested Donation of 20 chf.
AvieVa Studio, 21bis rue de la Navigation.
For those who want to go deeper exploring and understanding the cyclic nature of women and how the 4 feminine archetypes support you, notice that the Self-Actualized Woman Cycle starts on Tuesday 5th February 2014 and registration is now open online herePlease book your space in advance.
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Inside every woman

“Inside every woman, grows a secret life, a powerful force filled with good instincts, creativity, passion and eternal wisdom. Is the Wild Woman, a species in danger of extinction, due to the constant efforts of society and corporations to civilize women to fit rigid roles that override her instinctive essence.  …” -Clarissa P. Estes 
I agree with Dr. Estes. Many times in my life I found myself forcing my energies to fit into someones expectations or unwanted situations loosing my center in the process, feeling tired, sad and unable to see a way to be “more authentic”. It is only when I understood why I was feeling like that  with a new awareness that I could clearly see and move away from those situations. Do you know someone who has felt the same way?
A woman is cyclic by nature: from moments to ecstatic and focused mind to moments of emotional outburst, vulnerability, high magic and creativity. When a woman is not aware of her essence, she looses herself in the process giving too much of herself to everyone but her… Because the truth is that women deeply care. We support and we receive, we learn and we teach, we lead and we follow. We are women at the top and women on her way. And we are all significant to our men, children and communities.
What if you could know when to take decisions, when you are most influential, when you can start something new and lead, when you are receptive, when it is time to go within… ?
I personally invite you to experience the most beautifully crafted and empowering cycle for women – the Self-Actualized Woman Cycle if for women of all ages and walks of life willing to be “more authentic”, centered and joyful. 
You have today the opportunity to create a liberating practice, in a safewarm and creative space where you open up to your feminineauthentic powerembracing each other’s strength and vulnerability. A space where we see ourselves in each other and we allow our true self to be seen.

The Empowered Circle

Women's Circle
I opened the Women’s Empowerment Summit in Crete last Saturday 28 September with a Women’s Circle – a circle is an ancient practice that brings trust, possibilities, expansion, awareness, reflection and co-created solutions for the highest good of all. Everyone felt the power of the circle: all the speakers adopted the circle format, no one used the screen presentations and everything was delivered from the heart : researches & personal stories, strategies, practices and solutions.

Connections were created based on trust and new doors opened for everyone.

What if you start seating in circles in your organization, community and family ?
What creative solutions could be found?
What decisions could be collectively made to bring forth positive change?


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