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{ Courageous Conversation } Deeper power in the bedroom and the boardroom

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Leaving the mind to come back home

Leaving the mind to come back home. Diving into the inner waters, revealing your deepest truth. Finding clear answers, and courage to take new directions. My favourite guided visualisation, inspired on a Dark New Moon night. All for you ~ DareToGlow is the attitude when you want to create a life you LOVE. Get yours here


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Emotional Balance – Practice makes the master

InnerWatersI am so excited to present (finally !) the most popular of all Moon Lodge sessions : Emotional Balance. Working with the calming and transformative element of water, I guide you through a 28′ session.

Go get yours, download it onto your mobile devices.

PRACTICE MAKES THE MASTER. ENJOY and let me know how it goes here below !

{ Working with the Moon } – The Inner Mother

We are welcoming the June New Moon in Cancer . This is a time to look at yourself honestly, and give love to every  action, thought and feeling. Simply recognise yourself as already whole and perfect… you are LOVE!

Cancer is the sign of the Sacred Feminine, the creative Mother energy and the nurturer. This new moon offers an energy to go within and view our relationship to our ‘Mother’ within, our sacred intuitive and caring natures.

What can your ‘Inner-Mother’ teach you at this time…

Our Women’s Moon Lodge takes place on Tuesday 24th June under the New Moon (and Sun) in Cancer, inviting is to reflect on our self-care, true needs and longings with the Archetype of the Inner Mother.


If we consider your menstrual cycle, your Mother Archetype corresponds to the time of ovulation. If we consider your life cycle, ancient traditions say that we enter the mother archetype at 52 years old. In the Self Actualised Women Cycle, the Mother Archetype is the one who represents more challenges, most of the time related to early childhood or womb life experiences. The truth is, that regardless of what mothering you experienced in childhood, your inner Loving Mother brings warmth and nurturance to encourage you on your path. Your Loving Mother archetype draws out the best in you and helps you to succeed. She teaches, guides, explains and gives you unconditional love. She provides the intimacy that exists between a (inner) mother and her (inner) child and she helps you to be intimate with others. In every situation, she provides the healing unguent of wisdom and unconditional love that soothes your Soul. 

The presence of Unloving Mother within you is the exact opposite. ( You know, everything comes in polarities for us to dance to find our own balance ! ) With Unloving Mother, you experience an abandoning and aloof energy towards yourself and towards others. You may also compensate with a self-indulging spoiling mechanism…  you encourage yourself ~and the people around ~ you to pursue the “mommy” things of life inordinately—like food, sex, drugs, money and shopping—to fill the inner void that comes from the lack of true Loving Mother nurturance within. Or you may compensate by overcontroling, micromanaging and nagging behaviours…

The healthiest Mother nurtures herself , in order to give the best to others. She places healthy boundaries, she is emotionally stable, she gives and receives in a well balanced flow.


With love, Samiel Carolina


Women’s Moon Lodge – Coming Home


Let’s take the time to share, come back to our center, to our roots. Let’s explore the possibilities of our own and collective fertile soil and prepare for the year ahead. Let’s explore together the darkness of the New Moon.

The darkness of the New Moon symbolizes our subconscious, inner knowing and hollow space of our womb where all life is created. When we search to live more in touch with our body and less in our head, this is the place where we drop ourselves into. 

Here feel held, contained, supported. Here we find the answers to our burning life questions. 

 Coming Home 

Seat comfortably, on a chair, cushion or your favorite place. 
Choose a comfortable posture, and bring your awareness to your breathing, feel the air coming in and out through your nostrils, caressing your body from the insight.
Drop your breathing down into your belly.
Feel the expansion, contraction and the space between… Enjoy that space…
After a few moments, drop even deeper, into your pelvic area.
Keep breathing here for a few moments. Expanding, contracting and pausing…
There is nothing specific that needs to happen.
Open up to the experience and trust the process.
Along your day, come back to this breathing when you feel the need to come back to your center…

“Instead of being a peak experience you once had, 
or a concept you read about and compare yourself with, 
you become the embodied 
realization of freedom and love
you now recognize yourself
as the infinite creative potential.”

You are not alone. Welcome Home.

Take the time to slowly arrive and to occupy your space in the circle.



Time for Renewal : A Shower Ritual

THE SELF ACTUALIZED WOMAN … has a special relationship with her body.


She is connected to the Moon and her Womb. She knows the time of the New Moon and bleeding are auspicious time to release the old and prepare for the new. What follows is a simple Cleansing Ritual that I learned from a Grandmother in Guatemala

It consists in showering or bathing with the intention to release any blockages on the 13 sacred joints.

BEFORE YOU START. Find your own words to set the intention. For example for the Left Ankle: I release everything that’s holding me back on my spiritual path. I now walk feeling guided and being taken care of. 

WHEN YOU ARE READY. With the right temperature, candles, flowers, incenses or anything else that makes this time sacred for you … we intent to release in the following order: 

Left Ankle: Spiritual Path; Connection with Mother, Motherhood, Earth, Spiritual Nourishment

Right Ankle: Physical, Career Path; Connection with Mother, Motherhood, Earth, Physical Nourishment

Left Knee: Spiritual Growth; Feeling Submissive

Right Knee: Material Growth; Partnerships for Growth; Obligation to be Submissive

Left Hip: Spiritual Advancement; Direction; Walking in Company of others

Right Hip: Physical, Career and Partnership Advancement; Direction; Independence

Left Shoulder: Spiritual Support

Right Shoulder: Partner and Family Support

Left Elbow: Dedication to spiritual activities; feeling loved; Communication

Right Elbow: Work, Career; feeling loved; Communication

Left Wrist: Security; Protection; Relationship with Father or Authority

Right Wrist: Work (small tasks – details); Relationship with Father or Authority

Neck: Communication, Connection with Higher Self


Learn more about the Self-Actualized Woman , the Women’s Moon Lodge, and our Free-Videos on YouTube


MINDFULNESS & PMS : accepting your cycle

The longing of a woman to feel connected with her nature, her creative forces, her body and her place in nature can often express itself in negative behavior if it is ignored. By returning to the intelligence and wisdom of her own body she is able to restore this connection, a sense of belonging and authenticity. She feels resourceful to shred her rigid identity to external achievements and re-create herself in a more holistic way, experiencing a new sense of wholeness and well-being .

Painful memories, negative thoughts and emotions simply reinforce the physical pain that a woman is experiencing every month.

One of the practices of the Self-Actualized Woman involves embracing her womb and cyclical nature to better live up to her potential every month, every day.


Lay down somewhere comfortable, wearing comfortable clothes, light some candles and soft incense or burning oil if you wish. Bringing your awareness to your physical body through your breath, feeling the expansion and contraction of your abdomen as you breathe in and out. Relax by breathing like this for a few moments, becoming aware of the pain and /or tension, and staying fully receptive of it. Place your hands gently where there is pain and/or tension. Now you can feel it even more. Breathe in those places : breath in gratitude for your cycle, breathe out releasing and letting go. Breathe like this for a few moments, notice if anxiety or resistance rises. Stay with it. Keep breathing. The pain will slowly ease. A powerful sentence you can whisper to those parts of your body, is “I feel you, I love you – I feel you, I love you” – stay with your hands there. Bring all your love, recognition and compassion to those areas in pain. 

Women had experienced that pain reduces practicing this visualization over time . Practice Mindfulness cycle after cycle and your whole attitude towards your cycle and your body starts to shift.

The changes are more profound that what you can imagine.



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