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Living a Soul Directed Life
with Durga Holzhauser

Conversation with Durga Holzhauser

When you start to be in alignment with your Soul, listening to her guidance, your vision gets sharper and you instantly see and know things, places and people you want to be around with.

Our Soul resonance attracts to us that what serves us to evolve. Now the challenge is allowing to receive and be curious enough to explore what is all about.

I followed Durga Holzhauser for almost a year on Instagram, I knew there was some special connection between us. We had so many things in common, I felt at home.

After many digital exchanged, I contacted her to interview her – I wanted to have access to her insights and revolutionary reflections on living a Soul directed life, feminine leadership and changing the world.

This conversation will certainly inspire you, and help you remember  why are you here on Earth. This is an exclusive conversation for the participants of the Glowing Woman Journey, now you have a free access. Listen here. Get Inspired !

JOIN US : a Soul Gathering is happening in South of France.

Durga and I physically met and our visions collided. We agreed that TIME IS NOW for feminine leaders rise our powerful souls and begin our spiritual revolution. In the midst of these chaotic times we are ready to give birth to the new.

About Durga Holzhauser :

Durga is the author of Jesus The Book, the first volume of a book series, founder of Shakti Ma, a very successful spiritual center in Düsseldorf Germany, energy reader and author of  Nine Master schools of Feng Shui.

Her blog “The Female Grail” is the reflection of her feminine voice that inspires us to lead the future with an awakened heart.

Durga brings a New Vision about feminine leadership, business and spirituality, enlightening our path here on Earth.

Get inspired :


{ Working with the Moon } – Preparing to Close a Cycle

Full Moon tomorrow 17 December, to light brightly your achievements in this year 2013. Take the time to notice what are you grateful for, and write everything down on a paper. Share with friends and family , send thank you notes, sms and emails. Increase your awareness of all the wonderful things you have in your life right now.

The Full Moon phase symbolizes illumination of something that has been in the shadows or within the dim corners of the subconscious and it comes into awareness. As you notice the good things, also pay attention to what comes to the surface: this Full Moon in Gemini is about our emotions that need to come up for you to finally learn and move on into a new cycle aligned with our truth. We are living a time where masks need to be dropped. We cannot hold onto fake images of ourselves and our reality anymore. This Full Moon will show us the truth and the need to integrate our mind, imagination and heart. So BE GENTLE with yourself and others. Really take the time to pause and stay away from the busy-ness of this period as much as you can. Stay with yourself.

Right after the Full Moon, we’ll go through the Winter Solstice on Saturday 21 December. The longest, darkest night of the year gives us the opportunity to die and be born again to start a full new cycle. This is time for introspection, for letting go the old, the unused, and everything that is not supportive. Make conscious what you do not want anymore in your life in 2014 and light candles or a fire for the Winter Solstice, asking for those things to be transmuted. Feel the fire energy of the new Sun arising.
The New Moon comes on the 1st of January 2014, so we actually start the new year with the blessings of a New Moon: time for new beginnings, planting seeds with intention and vision. Allow the dark sky of this New Moon be the place where the stars shine upon us to reveal the many gifts we have, the many possibilities of the year 2014. let’s only reflect upon what we want to create in 2014.
Our Women’s Moon Lodge meeting is on Tuesday 7th January @19h at AvieVa Studio, everyone is invited to join. The theme of this evening will be “Creating Our Reality”. You can check the complete 2014 calendar and register online here.
Places are limited so please register in advance. Everyone is welcome, so feel free to pass around this email and invite your friends.
For this evening, you need to bring :
  • one box that you like, a picture of yourself that you really love, and pictures of things, places, moments that inspire you
  • snacks to share with the group
  • a comfortable skirt or dress that you’ll wear
The Women’s Moon Lodge is on donation basis, as energy exchange and to cover the costs of room and materials. Suggested Donation of 20 chf.
AvieVa Studio, 21bis rue de la Navigation.
For those who want to go deeper exploring and understanding the cyclic nature of women and how the 4 feminine archetypes support you, notice that the Self-Actualized Woman Cycle starts on Tuesday 5th February 2014 and registration is now open online herePlease book your space in advance.

{ Working with the Moon } – WESAK Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

Once a year, on what is considered to be the most powerful full moon of the year, your Higher Soul gets the chance and privilege to immerse itself in a downpour of Divine Energy to purify your vehicles, chakras and physical body as well as to use that energy to bless Mother Earth.

The Full Moon reaches its peak on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 21.59. With this Full Moon we will also experience a partial lunar eclipse that intensifies an already intense Full Moon: Wesak.

The time after the Full Moon is a good time for shedding and releasing. The energies of that day that corresponds to the Mayan calendar support us in our transformation, and I’ll be sharing that with you.

In honor of the Full Moon, I am following my heart once again and hosting a Meditation for us with the idea to share and awaken together. I am happy to open my Studio for those who want to join, and please feel free to bring friends if you want to. Just let me know via email, and the names of your friends. 🙂


for women @ Dare to Glow Studio
Thursday 25 April, 20h30 – 22h45

– your meditation cushion if you have
– healthy snacks to share with the group
– your crystals, tarot cards, drums or any other inspiring thing that you want to share with the group ( a text, a quote… ) Let’s create an evening of High magic!

Everyone is welcome and a contribution is appreciated as an energy exchange, also to cover room cost and other materials for the evening.

SELF Branding: The process

I like to divide the process in 4 simple stages. Discover, Recognize, Create and Commit. Let’s explore each of them:

1. Discover
This is more like a brainstorming stage: stay open to ideas, images and words that come to you. At this stage, everything is valid and possible!

  • Remember what you loved as a child – important information about who are are is stored in your first 4 years of life. For example, I remembered my favorite game was to dress paper dolls, create stories, and the edition of a magazine for my girlfriends when I was 10 years old!
  • Think of what you enjoyed doing that you also did well – I discovered that along my life, I had systematically helped my sisters and mom with feedback on their looks, and that I was helping girlfriends during emotional turmoils
  • Think of experiences that had an impact on you – where you learned something important, had insights or revelations
  • Identify your Role Models – whatever you are attracted to, is because resonates with something within you
  • Eliminate Money from this stage – focus on defining the lifestyle you want instead

2. Recognize

  • Your Story: this is the “heart and soul” of your brand. Don’t forget your “Country of Origin” – you may find anecdotes about who you are.
  • Your Emotional Appeal : Words that best describe your personality. How do you make people feel?
  • Your Description : What field or industry are you in (or you want to be in) – Who is your target audience? – words that describe your work? – bring the money here.
  • Your Function : What do you contribute with? How do you make a difference? What do you do that makes you unique?

3. Create a Self Brand that is :

  • Distinctive (recognizable – this is easy: You are Unique!)
  • Predictable (consistent – but allow room for contradictions: you are human!)
  • Meaningful (is why you do it! Stay close to your heart and define success on your own terms)
  1. Mantra”: one short and memorable sentence “I help …. with/to … so they can….”
  2. Story : remember the “why you do what you do?” – collect personal stories, anecdotes or clients stories to convey different aspects of your message
  3. Colors : that you consistently use in your clothes, decoration, paper communication -Red for a dynamic and powerful leader; Fuchsia for a woman of strength; Brown for a trustworthy layer; Purple for a creative mind; White for a spiritual leader; or total black, if you want to build up a shield…
  4. Smell : lavender could convey relaxation and reflection, while lemon grass is exciting and dynamic
  5. Sound : in my classes, I play tango music and in my events, female latin american singers – what does your brand sound like?
  6. Flavor : do you invite clients for lunch? or host dinner parties? or are in charge of choosing the catering for your events? use your country of origin or travels to add a unique flavor
  7. Greeting : making a great first impression is important – what handshake do you choose?
  8. Picture of you : that you consistently use in all communication pieces – make sure is updated!
  9. Wardrobe : you will need 3 kind of outfits: networking outfit that makes you feel confident and invite others to connect with you, public presentation outfit that helps you to project your energy to the audience, 1 to 1 interview outfit that grounds you in who you are and sustains your message
  10. Business Card : how does your business card stand out from the pile? does it generates conversation when you give it?
  11. Email address signature : could it be something else than ‘kind regards’? could you find a couple of words or a quote that communicates better your SELF Brand
  12. Thank You notes: Send hand written thank you notes to prospects, clients, superiors, colleagues, journalists, family and friends – they have a much greater impact than electronic messages! And people remember then.

4. Commit

  • To take risks
  • To not taking yourself too seriously
  • To not taking anything personally
  • To Self- Actualization
  • To show a little vulnerability. It opens a door in a grey wall , inviting people and opportunities to come in. Be the real you. People remember the real you.

What I learned in my journey paying attention to life lessons, is that when you stop identifying yourself with the voice of fear, limitations and assumptions about who you are, and you start listening to your feelings and inner knowing, you definitely start seeing new opportunities… that will be aligned with who you really are.

SELF Branding is about embracing diversity and inclusion. 
It is about recognizing that we all had enough of separation and competition.
It is about self confidence and respect. 
It is about being a little more human and creating a world where we are all happy to live in.
It is about recognizing that the world urgently needs more people who dare to lead by sharing openly their gifts, inviting others to do the same.

If you agree, what stops you from giving 100% of yourself?

SELF Branding: When who you are is what makes the difference

Could we create a world where everyone loves their job? It was the question I asked the audience of the Geneva Communicators Network during my conference on SELF BRANDING.

I believe that to love your job, or anything you do in life, it needs to be in alignment with who you are. We had constructed a world of wonderful people, with wonderful gifts, that try to be similar to each other in order to secure a place in the system and avoid criticism.

The beauty of SELF Branding is that it contains who you really are. It is liberating, as it is the base for finding alignment with anything in life.

Here are 3 KEY ELEMENTS:

1) What you do VS why you do it (motivation, purpose, believes, values)
2) How you do it VS what you contribute with (results)
3) Where you did it VS who you have become

Your personal brand is all about who you are, what you want to be known for and how you want to be remembered. People get inspired by why you do what you do, what you contribute with, and people remember how you made them feel…

Here are the 5 CHALLENGES:
1 – DARE to be your self (anyway, everyone else is already taken)
2 – embrace the idea of being different
3 – might feel risky and uncomfortable
4 – stay centered (people tend to ‘warn’ you of the dangers like rejection, criticism, mistakes…)
5- this is not about making your life easier, is about making it fulfilling

And there is 1 CHOICE you need to make:
Are you going to be part of the new world, where people are free, true to themselves and responsible for their own choices?

In the next article I will share the process of building your SELF Brand…

PS: Thanks to Glenn O’Neil for inviting me to facilitate this Lunch Seminar for the Geneva Communicators Network

Humanity is waking up. Women are waking up.

Can you feel it?

Our hearts are opening. Everything around us is shaking. We are on the verge of a new, universal form of humanity. This process involves change & chaos inside & out. This process already begun, and it will continue for years

Was 2011 a year of changes or challenges for you? And 2012 a year of transformation and unexpected changes? Relationships, jobs, life plans are being shaken upside-down and inside-out

If yes, let me reassure you that this is all part of a birthing process, labour pains just prior to the emergence of a new way of being. Your soul is calling you to awaken to your authentic self, your higher self and your true purpose. This process is starting to affect millions of people all over the world & the process is escalating .

Love will be, in this new humanity, the force to transform and create.  We will share who we are and what we do from a place of Love. And do not worry, 2012 is not the end of the world. The Mayan’s prediction speaks about evolution .

My work is devoted to empower women.

Women are waking up and remembering to LOVE. Remembering to love themselves unconditionally, to value and honor everything women are, grounded in their femininity. The Grandmother told me, ‘only when a woman respects who she is will be able to take the space she wants. Women do not have to fight or struggle. But confrontations in the work-place and in relationships are normal. This is what happens when women start to wake up finding themselves in places that they do not want to be in anymore.’

A Grandmother I met in my last trip to Guatemala told me : “Women must understand and master their true power : Intuition + Vision (feeling and seeing) and practice it with kindness. “

She said that, in this new world, women are considered the agents of change. Women are the ones who will generate and transform the society. They will become the guardians of our communities. From a place of Love, understanding the Universal Laws and the Natural Cycles .

The time is now. We are all being called to step up & live consciously, positively. The energetic shifts & awakenings are accelerating & we need to build strong foundations to weather the challenges of our age.

Blessings of Love and Peace to your heart. The force of Love and the feel of Unity may be with you these days and stay forever.

Things you wish your boss had told you

We have problems with some of our people, especially in summer. They do not dress appropriately for business and we are sorry, but this compromises their future career with us.’ A conversation I’ve been having with HR directors, talent managers and headhunters in the past month.

I thought this is worth a short article. The theme of appearance seems a difficult one to address: our clients are saying that employees take it too personally, or they think it is only an excuse for not being promoted, not being hired or even for being fired. This is when advice from someone external to the company or to the coaching process is key for those in career transition: no one will tell them that it is the way they show up that sabotages their efforts to succeed.

When in transition, you need to be exposed and remembered: you need to give a positive first impression.

What you wear really matters
Many people including psychologists think that snap judgments have to do with facial features: symmetrical faces and wide-apart eyes are good, anger is a no-no. Karen Pine ‘s latest research at the University of Hertfordshire confirms that clothes makes a huge difference to these first impressions.

Over 300 adults (men and women) looked at images of a man and a woman for just 3 seconds before making ‘snap judgments’ about them. In some pictures the woman wore a skirt tailored suit and in others a trouser suit of the same color and fabric, but bought on the high street.
After just a 3 second exposure the female in the skirt tailored suit received more positive ratings than in the trouser suit.

A skirt is better

For many years women were told that to succeed in business they have to dress in a masculine fashion – there is even research ‘proving’ this (Forsythe, 1990). These days research as mentioned above shows us that women can dress in more feminine ways and still be taken seriously.  But hey, if we need research to prove this, it is because we are giving our power away in the first place.  

“I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves.” -Mary Shelley

My clients find their best professional image bringing all what they have as a woman and instantly they feel more confident and grounded, therefore performing better making a much more positive impact. How is this possible? Reports such as Enclothed cognition (Northwestern University – 2012) confirm that what you wear, not only affects the viewer, but the wearer as well.

Be aware – take note of these 5 TIPS
The conversation about summer looks in offices comes from the fact that women do not have role models to look up to. Women don’t learn anywhere what it takes to create a professional image – but trial and error without guidance can be dangerous.
I’ve seen plunging neckline, micro-skirts -even shorts!-, and extremely high-heeled shoes in women who try to affirm their femininity. Be careful, you can take things too far.
Having a professional image that brings the best of you as a woman is about the subtle elements. Even in the corporate cocktail party and networking dinners.

TIP #1 The Devil’s in the Details
Here is the key word: tailored. Not meaning expensive made-to-measure suit. It means well cut and well fitted for you. It’s the small details that most often let people down;  ill-fitting trousers or skirts, lose jackets, missing or straining buttons.  Pay attention and maintain the most polished appearance you can at all times. Little things say a lot.

TIP#2 Color Impact
Personal color profiling is a valuable tool in ascertaining which colors most enhance your natural coloring.  By wearing colors that enhance your skin, hair and eyes, you will be seen as more youthful, competent, vibrant and healthy looking.
Contrast is a vital factor in impression management.  When the onlooker’s brain picks up contrast (color difference) it literally wakes up, and results in the person being remembered, listened to and taken notice of.  When low contrast is worn, it often results in the wearer becoming almost invisible.
High Contrast (bright, dark combinations).  Power dressing, often results in others feeling inferior.
Medium Contrast (light, dark combinations).  This is the most people friendly and professional.
Low Contrast (little or no color difference between garments).  This combination is seen as elegant and even at times fashionable, but in business or whenever ‘presence’ is required it creates a forgettable, boring and ineffectual appearance.

TIP#3 Stand and Sit Up Straight
Poor posture reflects poor self-esteem.

TIP#4 Clothes Care
If you wear ill-fitting clothes your appearance will be unprofessional and you will display that you are unaware of your physical liabilities.  If bad enough, you may even become a distraction to others.

TIP#5 You Are What You Wear
 If you wear provocative clothing you will display a serious lack of self-control and judgment and you may open yourself to being accused of using sexual dress to get ahead.  If you wear clothing completely out of sync with the industry dress codes and protocols, you will be assessed as someone who will never be trusted to play by the rules.

Remember dressing for success: dress for the role you want- not the role you’re in.

Download the Professional Wardrobe Check List and find out what is missing to finish off your professional image!


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