Finding Balance : ask your Archetypes

The number #1 question my clients bring to Dare To Glow is “How do I find balance in my life, when I feel pulled in so many directions ?”

After so many generations cultivating our intellectual knowledge and developing our mind powers, we have constructed a dismembered image of ourselves, and our lives. Hence, the pull.

The journey of the Glowing Woman , she who sets herself on a quest for balance, creativity and freedom, starts with the initiation and integration of the four feminine archetypes : The Wise Old Woman, The Maiden, The Mother and The Enchantress. There are two of them, who “work” intimately together creating balance, that are the ones calling you back home.

Yes. Home. Your own Body-Home.

The two archetypes that restore Balance are :

The Mother : 

This archetype is embodied when a woman is ovulating.

She is the one who nurtures, who creates harmony and enjoys emotional balance.

She restores balance inviting you to nurture yourself before others.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to release guilt and shame.

Observe in yourself : what are your believes (in form of excuses, stories, internal narratives) around the idea of taking time for yourself first ?

She invites you to connect with : selfless love and contribution.

Observe in yourself : how do you relate to these two aspects of her ? How do you practice selfless love to yourself and others ? How much do you feel you are contributing with your presence, work, words … ?

Her ways of helping you restore balance are body care, healthy eating (specially cooking it yourself), developing your creativity allowing your energies to flow and manifest into the world, spending time in nature (with no phones or headsets, please), and exercising developing physical strength.

“If your compassion does not include yourself – it is not complete.” – Buddha

The Wise Old Woman :

Opposite to the mother, this archetype is embodied when a woman is actually bleeding.  As polarities, they attract and work together towards the same goal : balance.

The Wise Old Woman, or the Shaman, Medicine Woman, invites you to find stillness to access a deeper place of knowing.

She invites you, every month, to release guilt and shame around your menstruation and around the need to slow down.

Observe in yourself : what are your beliefs around your menstruation (normally imprinted with your first period) ? and what does it mean to have the need to “slow down”? (are you less professional, not dynamic, not smart… and so on …

She invites you to connect with your truth to restore clarity and confidence. Now your empowerment as a glowing woman means that you are able to step in your truth, your intuition and vision and follow up with actions.

Observe in yourself : how do you experience clarity ? How much do you trust and follow your intuition?

As a wise woman, she knows that in order for you to connect with your truth, you need to reach stillness and practice inner listening.

Her ways to help you restore balance is by showing you the way home : to that body wisdom that will clearly show you what you need to remove and restore every month. She asks though body pain and discomfort, for quiet time for herself, as a precious luxury in our busy, busy lives.

“Cultivation of the intellect and its amazing potential is as important as reconnecting with the source. The problem lies in the belief that (intellectual knowledge and body wisdom) are antagonistic, that they can only be developed at the expense of the other; the belief that thinking and control take precedence over feeling and flowing, intelligence over intuition. Both need be nurtured equally and integrated for our coming into wholeness.” ~ The Sage explains to Maya, in The Heart of the Labyrinth, by Nicole Schwab.

There is a price that women are paying for not being in touch with these archetypes.

Women feel disconnected : they are unable to establish meaningful relationships, or contribute to the word their gifts and creativity.

Attracting money and experiencing trust feels more like a struggle that something that comes naturally.

Women feel the need to control their bodies and emotions to perform in a consistent way thought the month, reaching a dead point of feeling “empty” despite all the achievements.

We left our home for too long. Many generations of women have lived as the disembodied feminine. And that way of being is imprinted in our DNA.

At this point of time, we are all invited to transmute these experiences, and reinvent the feminine archetypes as they are evolving with us all.

“As within. So without.”

Ultimately, balance is not found by reorganising the external aspects of our lives.

Sustainable, long lasting balance is created by exploring, understanding and integrating the inner landscapes. Your body knows. When your body makes you feel unbalanced, it is time to come back home. To re-member all part of yourself.

To recognise that you are not broken. That there is nothing to be fixed, or a new skill that you need to learn.

Mother yourself back to alignment, and you will find yourself safe and comfortable back home. When you make yourself a priority, balance is restored.

For many of the Soul Centred Resolutions practitioners the #1 resolution was to take care of themselves in 2015. If that is you, then take a look at the opportunities for our journeys together in 2015 :

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Follow your Soul calling dear one, This is your life. Live it while you are alive !

Much, much love,









References :

The Heart of the Labyrinth, by Nicole Schwab.

Top 4 challenging lessons of 2014

Are you interested in creating a life and career you absolutely love? So am I. Join me here to manifest exactly that in 2015.

The way we close a cycle, is the way we open a new one.

To close 2014, I want to share my deep gratitude to the most challenging situations that actually helped me to leap into the woman I set myself to become this year.

Back in 2008, I committed myself to living a Soul Directed Life. It has been a bumpy road, as I had to discern and unlearn many, many things I believed about myself , life and business .

By 2013, I felt I had enough roots to expand by glowing even more who I really am. In a nutshell, my Soul Centred Resolution for 2014 was “I am expanding by my full self expression.” And so life provided me with the most funky teachers and lessons for me to experience just that.

As I seat today to close this year, here it goes to the Universe : I am deeply grateful for the greatest teacher of all, Life itself, and the following lessons :

Lesson #1 Dealing with public criticism : Earlier this year I was publicly criticised and my work questioned. Theses never easy to deal with, even less when it comes from a person you collaborated with in the past, to whom you shared a community and you thought you could trust. Just before this episode happened, I had body signs that betrayal was around the corner. So I was kind of prepare to receive something . Yet is always surprising and painful when the teachings come from people you trusted in the past.

Life can be really funky in the way it teaches you things. I opened up to the experience, dealt with the whole thing and came back to life stronger than I could have ever imagined. More clear on my purpose, mission and message. I learned by experience that the more you act from a place of love, respect and inner truth, nothing can touch you, not even the worst critics or comments about you and your contribution behind your back.

I am so deeply grateful for this experience that helped me to increase my discernment and trust even more my body signs.

Lesson #2  My relationship to money  : the second biggest initiation of this year was trough an in depth exploration of my relationship to money. In October I started to see a pattern on my relationship to money. So I sat down to have a “conversation” with its energy. Then I sat a bit longer to explore the example I received from my mother and my father : how was their relationship to money ? It became all crystal clear. And as we know, clarity is the first thing we need in other to transform anything. The most important discovery was the feeling of guilt around money, that was constantly pushing me to please others and give to others before myself or my business.

I am deeply grateful for having had the strength to gain this clarity and actually transform forever my relationship to money.

PS: yep, money flew in as soon as I changed my beliefs around it.

Lesson #3  Finding growth out of my comfort zone  : Of course I know growth can be only experienced out of my comfort zone. Yet I could clearly see how my energies, business and creativity were stagnant by mid 2014. I had created an amazing online course for women to leap into the best version of themselves – I had put together all my best content, practices and had designed plenty of bonuses. Yet the program was seating on my computer. I was not playing the bigger game and making the biggest impact possible I really wanted to make. So where was the barrier ? What was the story, my excuse, for not making the things happen ? In my mind, I had to figure out how to bring all together alone.

Yes, I though I could do it. There is so much information out there on how to bring your business to the next level, that i thought I would figured it out.

Months were passing by and the resolution that I had set for 2014 on expansion was calling me.

Yet I was resisting to make that one single step that would make all the difference (because it is always like this : one single step, and the path opens up for you !) .

So with the help of my life partner, who actually made me see even more clearly my excuses (he is very good at it !) I could finally recognise and accept I needed specific guidance to put the program together and play a bigger game !

I am currently working with two business coaches that are helping me to take that leap in my business, which is my contribution to the world !

I am deeply grateful for my partner, my coaches and myself for believing in my vision and recognising that I don’t have to do it alone ! 

Lesson #4 Casting the Circle  : I actually made peace with the idea of casting my circle. defining the people I want to be surrounded with has been an essential part of experiencing support, inspiration and love – From the people I follow, to followers, subscribers, clients, partners, and places I go. Following the episodes of lesson #1, I grew stronger to set boundaries. The moment I started to do that, everything shifted into even more alignment with my vision and message. Combined with lesson #2, I completely stopped trying to please people (from family members to clients !).

I am deeply grateful for having the courage to cast the circle that empowers me and helps me to become the best version of myself ! 

When you transform your challenges into blessings, magic comes back into your life.

Magic is a change of perception. 

Ready to bring magic back to your life ?

Join me here for Soul Centred Resolutions 5-day practice.

What was your biggest lesson from 2014 and what are you committed to moving forward with that lesson?


by Nicole Schwab , Author of THE HEART OF THE LABYRINTH

” As everything she thought she knew about herself disintegrates: her health, career, family and identity, Maya embarks on a journey of discovery to the land of her ancestors. There, a mysterious Sage guides her through dreams, visions and lifetimes, to the heart of the labyrinth.

Coming face-to-face with her subconscious belief that being a woman is a threat, she understands that to step into wholeness she will have to reclaim the sacred feminine fire burning in her soul.

But what is at stake far exceeds her individual life: with it sits the fate of the Earth herself, waiting for the Priestess to be reborn.

A grand, soul-shifting answer to the hungry soul’s question: who am I? Maya’s story calls us back to a sacred, personal connection with the Earth.

Nicole Schwab is a mesmerising new voice for our times, offering a message of Earth-centered wisdom reuniting us with the divine feminine.”

Synopsis : The Heart of the Labyrinth


Excerpt from Chapter IX Willakuti: The Return of the Sun

Saywa – “In the depth of the night, I arrived at the ruins. There was no moon and the sky was adorned with crisp stars twinkling through the icy cold of the vast plains. The Southern Cross magnificently parted the sky, right above the extensive temple grounds. A small group of men and women sat around a fire, most of them dressed in ceremonial clothing. They welcomed me in my native language and invited me to join them. I walked up the few steps leading into the main precinct and stopped before the eerie silhouettes of the ancient monoliths stoically holding on to their secrets, defying the passing of time. I marveled at the mysterious gate of the sun, a chiseled stone arch dancing in the glow of the crackling flames. It seemingly invited us to step into another dimension and leave behind all limitations imposed by our delusional minds.

More and more people kept coming throughout the night, drawn by a mysterious pull they could neither explain nor understand. They had simply followed their bodies, gathering around our fire with the unspoken faith of those who know they are about to witness something spectacular. I did not see them, but felt the growing human presence around me, and the bubbling energy of joint anticipation. My eyes were closed. As the fire slowly burned to the ground, I sat absorbed by the process of my purification from the past, shedding layer after layer of confusion, being led effortlessly into the deep dark void of pure creative potential. There, surrendered to the longest and blackest of nights, in the silent circle of our prayers, we waited. We waited for the return of the light.

Time stopped. There was no movement, no breath, no sign of life. Only the intense cold and the mute indifference of the stones mocking our impatience in the face of eternity. We held the void with all our courage, willing to hold it forever, trusting life to spring forth once again from the creative miracle of our minds. …”

The Heart of the Labyrinth,  by Nicole Schwab


Remove yourself from competition

I am a firm believer : When you remember who you are, anything is possible.

I am a firm believer that we could end competition by claiming back our duty of bringing our best talents and gifts into our work, businesses, communities and everything we touch.

I created my business based on knowing exactly why I am here in this life time, what is it that I can contribute with and what are the lessons I have to learn. I know that those qualities I am born with plus my life experience (not only my titles) makes me unique in this world. So basically there is no need for being worried about competition.

Embracing the idea of being unique, and therefore different, removes you from the belief there is competition out there. There is no need to fight.

I believe the duty we all have here is to remember those talents, life mission, soul contract, purpose … whatever you call it. And step into that path, becoming the best version of ourselves. And stopping trying to be as everyone else expect us to be.

Competition comes from not knowing who you are.

Every time my workshops have been copied, I was publicly criticised, or questioned, I became stronger and more clear in my vision. I stepped into my creative powers and reinvented myself, my work and my contribution.

Imagination is the limit.

Knowing who you are, striving for meaning connection and contribution is both empowering and liberating.

For ourselves and others.

Now there is one requisite : that you dare to glow 🙂

Check Kare Anderson on this TED talk : Be an opportunity maker


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Leaving the mind to come back home

Leaving the mind to come back home. Diving into the inner waters, revealing your deepest truth. Finding clear answers, and courage to take new directions. My favourite guided visualisation, inspired on a Dark New Moon night. All for you ~ DareToGlow is the attitude when you want to create a life you LOVE. Get yours here



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