The Empowered Circle

Women's Circle
I opened the Women’s Empowerment Summit in Crete last Saturday 28 September with a Women’s Circle – a circle is an ancient practice that brings trust, possibilities, expansion, awareness, reflection and co-created solutions for the highest good of all. Everyone felt the power of the circle: all the speakers adopted the circle format, no one used the screen presentations and everything was delivered from the heart : researches & personal stories, strategies, practices and solutions.

Connections were created based on trust and new doors opened for everyone.

What if you start seating in circles in your organization, community and family ?
What creative solutions could be found?
What decisions could be collectively made to bring forth positive change?


Move forward with confidence

On Wednesday 11th September I sat down in beautiful Mongolian Countryside for a healing session with a local shaman. Mongolian shamans, specifically White Shamans as she was, call forth their helping spirits fully embodying them to pass on messages, answer burning life questions, heal or divination.

“You have a very deep question that you want to ask me” the White Shaman stated after giving me the messages I needed to hear. Probably I should not have been shocked, yet with my heart beating fast I said, “Yes…  How do I find courage and strength to keep navigating this transition time?”

“First, take care of yourself. Close all old doors before opening a new one. Now, you have to know you are doing the right thing now, you are whole. Think bigger and always follow your heart. You are like a Ovoo (*) where people come for guidance,  healing and connection. You have to reach out and plant seeds. Stop doing. Plant seeds and trust in the miracle of life.”
This message seemed to reverberate louder than ever before in me. Certainly it was what I exactly needed to be reminded of. Dream big. Share. Teach. Remove all doubt. Move forward with confidence. Detach from the outcome.

I know the how and the when are not up to me to decide today. Yet I was told to commit to my ultimate dream and trust: is time to grow bigger. I have been assured that I am ready and that I have help. With this post I intent to make myself accountable, trusting in the power of my vulnerability. I command for guidance and clear synchronicities. And I ask to always be reminded that it is not about “me”. There is nothing that is “mine”. For this remembering helps me to get out of my own way.

I am grateful to you for reading these lines, and for being the inspiration of my work.

So be it, and so it is.

(*) Ovoo, a place of sacred power in Mongolian tradition

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{ Working with the Moon } – New Moon, preparing to manifest

Following the energies of the Full Moon last week (Yan energies), we prepare ourselves for the New Moon (Yin energies) on Friday 10 May.

We are 9 days away, and in the Mayan Tradition, number 9 represents the feminine energy (masculine represented with number 8). Number 9 brings the energies of realization, power, action and strength. Because today we start a cycle of 9 days, counting down towards the New Moon, I am sharing with you these notes – I thought you would like to make the most of this cycle we started together last week!

The New Moon (Yin energy) is a time of looking within yourself. New Moons are a great time to set intentions for things you’d like to create, develop, cultivate, make manifest. There are many ways to initiate this communion with the Universe from lighting a candle to elaborate rituals. What matters is that you’re committing yourself to your vision, and open to receiving guidance, healing, support from Spirit.

The New Moon next Friday will be enhanced with a Solar eclipse. Solar eclipses affect the subtle planes, so we may have more sensitivity those days. And we will certainly be protected, so use techniques you know for energy protections (carry stones, invoque your angels, etc).

A simple ritual I like to practice is setting up intentions to a white candle, that I will light as an offering on the New Moon day. During the 9 previous days, I light smaller candles and incenses as preparation for the day, each candle with intentions I want to work with towards the New Moon.

Some of you may have an altar at home, where you can gather meaningful objects or images of your intentions. Creating an altar is very simple: you only need a candle of light colour, water, whole rice or sesame seeds, you can add fresh flowers, pictures of your guides, stones. Make it beautiful and appealing to you.

If you start today the cycle of 9 days, you will need 8 small candles + 1 big candle for the moon. A cycle of 9 days will connect you with your cyclic nature.

{ Working with the Moon } – WESAK Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

Once a year, on what is considered to be the most powerful full moon of the year, your Higher Soul gets the chance and privilege to immerse itself in a downpour of Divine Energy to purify your vehicles, chakras and physical body as well as to use that energy to bless Mother Earth.

The Full Moon reaches its peak on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 21.59. With this Full Moon we will also experience a partial lunar eclipse that intensifies an already intense Full Moon: Wesak.

The time after the Full Moon is a good time for shedding and releasing. The energies of that day that corresponds to the Mayan calendar support us in our transformation, and I’ll be sharing that with you.

In honor of the Full Moon, I am following my heart once again and hosting a Meditation for us with the idea to share and awaken together. I am happy to open my Studio for those who want to join, and please feel free to bring friends if you want to. Just let me know via email, and the names of your friends. 🙂


for women @ Dare to Glow Studio
Thursday 25 April, 20h30 – 22h45

– your meditation cushion if you have
– healthy snacks to share with the group
– your crystals, tarot cards, drums or any other inspiring thing that you want to share with the group ( a text, a quote… ) Let’s create an evening of High magic!

Everyone is welcome and a contribution is appreciated as an energy exchange, also to cover room cost and other materials for the evening.

SELF Branding: The process

I like to divide the process in 4 simple stages. Discover, Recognize, Create and Commit. Let’s explore each of them:

1. Discover
This is more like a brainstorming stage: stay open to ideas, images and words that come to you. At this stage, everything is valid and possible!

  • Remember what you loved as a child – important information about who are are is stored in your first 4 years of life. For example, I remembered my favorite game was to dress paper dolls, create stories, and the edition of a magazine for my girlfriends when I was 10 years old!
  • Think of what you enjoyed doing that you also did well – I discovered that along my life, I had systematically helped my sisters and mom with feedback on their looks, and that I was helping girlfriends during emotional turmoils
  • Think of experiences that had an impact on you – where you learned something important, had insights or revelations
  • Identify your Role Models – whatever you are attracted to, is because resonates with something within you
  • Eliminate Money from this stage – focus on defining the lifestyle you want instead

2. Recognize

  • Your Story: this is the “heart and soul” of your brand. Don’t forget your “Country of Origin” – you may find anecdotes about who you are.
  • Your Emotional Appeal : Words that best describe your personality. How do you make people feel?
  • Your Description : What field or industry are you in (or you want to be in) – Who is your target audience? – words that describe your work? – bring the money here.
  • Your Function : What do you contribute with? How do you make a difference? What do you do that makes you unique?

3. Create a Self Brand that is :

  • Distinctive (recognizable – this is easy: You are Unique!)
  • Predictable (consistent – but allow room for contradictions: you are human!)
  • Meaningful (is why you do it! Stay close to your heart and define success on your own terms)
  1. Mantra”: one short and memorable sentence “I help …. with/to … so they can….”
  2. Story : remember the “why you do what you do?” – collect personal stories, anecdotes or clients stories to convey different aspects of your message
  3. Colors : that you consistently use in your clothes, decoration, paper communication -Red for a dynamic and powerful leader; Fuchsia for a woman of strength; Brown for a trustworthy layer; Purple for a creative mind; White for a spiritual leader; or total black, if you want to build up a shield…
  4. Smell : lavender could convey relaxation and reflection, while lemon grass is exciting and dynamic
  5. Sound : in my classes, I play tango music and in my events, female latin american singers – what does your brand sound like?
  6. Flavor : do you invite clients for lunch? or host dinner parties? or are in charge of choosing the catering for your events? use your country of origin or travels to add a unique flavor
  7. Greeting : making a great first impression is important – what handshake do you choose?
  8. Picture of you : that you consistently use in all communication pieces – make sure is updated!
  9. Wardrobe : you will need 3 kind of outfits: networking outfit that makes you feel confident and invite others to connect with you, public presentation outfit that helps you to project your energy to the audience, 1 to 1 interview outfit that grounds you in who you are and sustains your message
  10. Business Card : how does your business card stand out from the pile? does it generates conversation when you give it?
  11. Email address signature : could it be something else than ‘kind regards’? could you find a couple of words or a quote that communicates better your SELF Brand
  12. Thank You notes: Send hand written thank you notes to prospects, clients, superiors, colleagues, journalists, family and friends – they have a much greater impact than electronic messages! And people remember then.

4. Commit

  • To take risks
  • To not taking yourself too seriously
  • To not taking anything personally
  • To Self- Actualization
  • To show a little vulnerability. It opens a door in a grey wall , inviting people and opportunities to come in. Be the real you. People remember the real you.

What I learned in my journey paying attention to life lessons, is that when you stop identifying yourself with the voice of fear, limitations and assumptions about who you are, and you start listening to your feelings and inner knowing, you definitely start seeing new opportunities… that will be aligned with who you really are.

SELF Branding is about embracing diversity and inclusion. 
It is about recognizing that we all had enough of separation and competition.
It is about self confidence and respect. 
It is about being a little more human and creating a world where we are all happy to live in.
It is about recognizing that the world urgently needs more people who dare to lead by sharing openly their gifts, inviting others to do the same.

If you agree, what stops you from giving 100% of yourself?

Let your Self die

“I must admit that I am in a state of mixture of shock, sadness and realization. To be frank, I do not recognize my body, my body shape nor my face. There is a heaviness that I have never had before, even when I was chubby.”

Sometimes a part of us must die before another part can come to life. Even though this is a natural and necessary part of our growth, it is often painful or, if we don’t realize what’s happening, confusing and disorienting. In fact, confusion and disorientation are often the messengers that tell us a shift is taking place within us.

These shifts happen throughout the lives of all of us. Only the ones engaged with life are able to transform these feelings into shifts: trying to understand where they come from, without judgment, criticism or victimization. When we look at these feelings, we find ourselves saying good-bye to an old close friend: the identity that we formed in order to move through a particular time in life.

Welcome to the start of conscious evolution!

Now you ‘know’, because you feel it, that this identity doesn’t serve you anymore at this time in your life. Confined and restless, you want to move outside the shelter you needed for so long; but the new part of yourself cannot be born within the confines of the shell your old self needed to survive.

My client was feeling a strange mixture of exhilaration and sadness as we say good-bye to a part of herself that was dying and make way for a whole new identity to emerge in its place. In the process, she found inspiration taking time to read books, collecting pictures, writing down her dreams, meeting new people, answering ‘challenging’ questionnaires that made her face her truth. She surrendered to this process, she trusted in it and letting go of her past self with great love and gratitude, she is now ready for our next phase of life.

Say Thanks !

Most people live their life going around unconscious, without noticing either their inner world or the outside world. When you are unconscious, you don’t really see all of what you have, all what the world has to offer.

Now that you have a practice to face fear with kindness and a practice to live in the present moment with an open heart so you learn from then, you are gaining the awareness that is needed to practice gratitude for all what you have, all what you are.


Practicing gratitude for all you have is an anchor to stop, breath and reflect about the abundance in your life, and in the world.

It opens you up to possibilities, to opportunities for evolution. You will stop living in scarcity and in the fear of not getting enough .

The instructions for this practice include 2 rituals that I found are the most powerful to unlock transformation. They are very simple and please, feel free to create your own ritual .

A. The first one is carrying a Diary of Gratitude with you. In this diary, you will write down all the things you love in your life, and all the things you would love to have, happen, experience. It is important that you write them as if they were already happening within you.

The universe is the source of …. and I am grateful for all of … I have now in my life.
I am grateful to the Universe for…….. and I am willing to share this with …….

You can write little sentences or words, in the morning or in the evening, on the go, at the office. The idea is to build up simple, little moments to reflect and contemplate all what you love in your life.

B. Another ritual is to organize Gratitude Dinners. These are very special events, where you become the source of love and you are in charge to spread it around ! The idea is to choose very special guests that share the same mind set and are ready to celebrate each other accomplishments and happiness. The power of these events is amazing, because you have to read out loud and toast what are you grateful for, the power of the words and cheers raises the vibration of all participants.

Think of 4 or 5 people you would like to share this experience with. Each of the guests has to bring along a list of things they are grateful for.

At the beginning of the evening, while everyone is with a low level of alcohol (remember is about consciousness!), make a toast for each of the points on everyone’s lists, when they ready it out loud. Something like:
    –    ‘I am very grateful for/to…..’
    –    ‘Cheers!’
    –    and then the next guest… until all lists are finished.
    –    Proceed to dinner and celebration.

Now that you are here, stop for a few seconds and think : What are you grateful for ?

Until tomorrow,

Stay light and live inspired,

Carolina Rodriguez Barros
Founder, Director & Glowing Master?Dare to