Finding Balance : ask your Archetypes

The number #1 question my clients bring to Dare To Glow is “How do I find balance in my life, when I feel pulled in so many directions ?”

After so many generations cultivating our intellectual knowledge and developing our mind powers, we have constructed a dismembered image of ourselves, and our lives. Hence, the pull.

The journey of the Glowing Woman , she who sets herself on a quest for balance, creativity and freedom, starts with the initiation and integration of the four feminine archetypes : The Wise Old Woman, The Maiden, The Mother and The Enchantress. There are two of them, who “work” intimately together creating balance, that are the ones calling you back home.

Yes. Home. Your own Body-Home.

The two archetypes that restore Balance are :

The Mother : 

This archetype is embodied when a woman is ovulating.

She is the one who nurtures, who creates harmony and enjoys emotional balance.

She restores balance inviting you to nurture yourself before others.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to release guilt and shame.

Observe in yourself : what are your believes (in form of excuses, stories, internal narratives) around the idea of taking time for yourself first ?

She invites you to connect with : selfless love and contribution.

Observe in yourself : how do you relate to these two aspects of her ? How do you practice selfless love to yourself and others ? How much do you feel you are contributing with your presence, work, words … ?

Her ways of helping you restore balance are body care, healthy eating (specially cooking it yourself), developing your creativity allowing your energies to flow and manifest into the world, spending time in nature (with no phones or headsets, please), and exercising developing physical strength.

“If your compassion does not include yourself – it is not complete.” – Buddha

The Wise Old Woman :

Opposite to the mother, this archetype is embodied when a woman is actually bleeding.  As polarities, they attract and work together towards the same goal : balance.

The Wise Old Woman, or the Shaman, Medicine Woman, invites you to find stillness to access a deeper place of knowing.

She invites you, every month, to release guilt and shame around your menstruation and around the need to slow down.

Observe in yourself : what are your beliefs around your menstruation (normally imprinted with your first period) ? and what does it mean to have the need to “slow down”? (are you less professional, not dynamic, not smart… and so on …

She invites you to connect with your truth to restore clarity and confidence. Now your empowerment as a glowing woman means that you are able to step in your truth, your intuition and vision and follow up with actions.

Observe in yourself : how do you experience clarity ? How much do you trust and follow your intuition?

As a wise woman, she knows that in order for you to connect with your truth, you need to reach stillness and practice inner listening.

Her ways to help you restore balance is by showing you the way home : to that body wisdom that will clearly show you what you need to remove and restore every month. She asks though body pain and discomfort, for quiet time for herself, as a precious luxury in our busy, busy lives.

“Cultivation of the intellect and its amazing potential is as important as reconnecting with the source. The problem lies in the belief that (intellectual knowledge and body wisdom) are antagonistic, that they can only be developed at the expense of the other; the belief that thinking and control take precedence over feeling and flowing, intelligence over intuition. Both need be nurtured equally and integrated for our coming into wholeness.” ~ The Sage explains to Maya, in The Heart of the Labyrinth, by Nicole Schwab.

There is a price that women are paying for not being in touch with these archetypes.

Women feel disconnected : they are unable to establish meaningful relationships, or contribute to the word their gifts and creativity.

Attracting money and experiencing trust feels more like a struggle that something that comes naturally.

Women feel the need to control their bodies and emotions to perform in a consistent way thought the month, reaching a dead point of feeling “empty” despite all the achievements.

We left our home for too long. Many generations of women have lived as the disembodied feminine. And that way of being is imprinted in our DNA.

At this point of time, we are all invited to transmute these experiences, and reinvent the feminine archetypes as they are evolving with us all.

“As within. So without.”

Ultimately, balance is not found by reorganising the external aspects of our lives.

Sustainable, long lasting balance is created by exploring, understanding and integrating the inner landscapes. Your body knows. When your body makes you feel unbalanced, it is time to come back home. To re-member all part of yourself.

To recognise that you are not broken. That there is nothing to be fixed, or a new skill that you need to learn.

Mother yourself back to alignment, and you will find yourself safe and comfortable back home. When you make yourself a priority, balance is restored.

For many of the Soul Centred Resolutions practitioners the #1 resolution was to take care of themselves in 2015. If that is you, then take a look at the opportunities for our journeys together in 2015 :

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Follow your Soul calling dear one, This is your life. Live it while you are alive !

Much, much love,









References :

The Heart of the Labyrinth, by Nicole Schwab.


She asked : How do I find balance in my life ?

… when I feel that I am pulled in all directions ?

Come back home.

See. Feel. Experience.

That you are not broken.

Know that you don’t need

to be fixed.

It is time to


All parts of yourself

have always been here.

You are whole.

Rest, dear.


Welcome Home.


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Stella McCartney on career : “Somehow, it never seemed to sum up exactly what I do. “

For many of us, our “careers”, creativity and contribution are too much out of the box : we are driven by contribution, making a difference and bringing our visions “for the highest good of all” to this Earth with what we “do” … and who we are…

Many women ~ and men too ~ come to me in search for that alignment of the doing and being that will ultimately bring the expression of their unique gifts, purpose and mission for this life.

The path of getting outside a labeled box (external expectations, diplomas, achievements) that constrain is beautiful and liberating when we understand our Life Map & Soul Contract .

Each of us, yes, that is YOU ! are born for a reason and with something very special to contribute to the world.

McCartney gave a refreshingly frank speech about her career in fashion, opening by saying, “To be honest, I never felt comfortable saying, ‘I’m a fashion designer.’ Somehow, it never seemed to sum up exactly what I do. “

Read the article here :


Share here below : Have you step out of a box ? How did you do it ?


Time for Renewal : A Shower Ritual

THE SELF ACTUALIZED WOMAN … has a special relationship with her body.


She is connected to the Moon and her Womb. She knows the time of the New Moon and bleeding are auspicious time to release the old and prepare for the new. What follows is a simple Cleansing Ritual that I learned from a Grandmother in Guatemala

It consists in showering or bathing with the intention to release any blockages on the 13 sacred joints.

BEFORE YOU START. Find your own words to set the intention. For example for the Left Ankle: I release everything that’s holding me back on my spiritual path. I now walk feeling guided and being taken care of. 

WHEN YOU ARE READY. With the right temperature, candles, flowers, incenses or anything else that makes this time sacred for you … we intent to release in the following order: 

Left Ankle: Spiritual Path; Connection with Mother, Motherhood, Earth, Spiritual Nourishment

Right Ankle: Physical, Career Path; Connection with Mother, Motherhood, Earth, Physical Nourishment

Left Knee: Spiritual Growth; Feeling Submissive

Right Knee: Material Growth; Partnerships for Growth; Obligation to be Submissive

Left Hip: Spiritual Advancement; Direction; Walking in Company of others

Right Hip: Physical, Career and Partnership Advancement; Direction; Independence

Left Shoulder: Spiritual Support

Right Shoulder: Partner and Family Support

Left Elbow: Dedication to spiritual activities; feeling loved; Communication

Right Elbow: Work, Career; feeling loved; Communication

Left Wrist: Security; Protection; Relationship with Father or Authority

Right Wrist: Work (small tasks – details); Relationship with Father or Authority

Neck: Communication, Connection with Higher Self


Learn more about the Self-Actualized Woman , the Women’s Moon Lodge, and our Free-Videos on YouTube

, ,

{ Working with the Moon } – Earth-Moon-Womb connection

Woman is Earth-Moon in essence. To learn from her Earth-Moon womb, a woman must hold fast to vessel of perfect intuition with which she is gifted from birth. Moon essence essentially unveils her nature as gentle and receptive. This has often been viewed by the patriarchal mind as emotional feebleness and lack of intelligence. On the contrary, the ancient wisdom remind us that this sensitive powers transform all dream potential into Earth powers. Therefore, the Moon Lodge manifests the profundity of the feeling realms, and makes the invisible perceptible through the opening of the womb’s eye within. A woman in the Moon Lodge learns to see with her womb’s eyes…
When, our of fear, guilt and shame a woman ignores her Moon Lodge, she hopelessly isolates herself from her circle of women. A woman may erroneously imagine that, in order to be equal to man, she must obtain the same opportunities that he enjoys. This is understandable, after 5400 years of “teachings” that this is the way to fulfilment. Yet she disconnects slowly from her very core, loosing her power, inspiration and motivation, to finally be impossible to recognise her own dreams and desires.
Women on their way back to themselves, must have their own women’s circles and step into their creative powers again.

The Empowered Circle

Women's Circle
I opened the Women’s Empowerment Summit in Crete last Saturday 28 September with a Women’s Circle – a circle is an ancient practice that brings trust, possibilities, expansion, awareness, reflection and co-created solutions for the highest good of all. Everyone felt the power of the circle: all the speakers adopted the circle format, no one used the screen presentations and everything was delivered from the heart : researches & personal stories, strategies, practices and solutions.

Connections were created based on trust and new doors opened for everyone.

What if you start seating in circles in your organization, community and family ?
What creative solutions could be found?
What decisions could be collectively made to bring forth positive change?

SELF Branding: The process

I like to divide the process in 4 simple stages. Discover, Recognize, Create and Commit. Let’s explore each of them:

1. Discover
This is more like a brainstorming stage: stay open to ideas, images and words that come to you. At this stage, everything is valid and possible!

  • Remember what you loved as a child – important information about who are are is stored in your first 4 years of life. For example, I remembered my favorite game was to dress paper dolls, create stories, and the edition of a magazine for my girlfriends when I was 10 years old!
  • Think of what you enjoyed doing that you also did well – I discovered that along my life, I had systematically helped my sisters and mom with feedback on their looks, and that I was helping girlfriends during emotional turmoils
  • Think of experiences that had an impact on you – where you learned something important, had insights or revelations
  • Identify your Role Models – whatever you are attracted to, is because resonates with something within you
  • Eliminate Money from this stage – focus on defining the lifestyle you want instead

2. Recognize

  • Your Story: this is the “heart and soul” of your brand. Don’t forget your “Country of Origin” – you may find anecdotes about who you are.
  • Your Emotional Appeal : Words that best describe your personality. How do you make people feel?
  • Your Description : What field or industry are you in (or you want to be in) – Who is your target audience? – words that describe your work? – bring the money here.
  • Your Function : What do you contribute with? How do you make a difference? What do you do that makes you unique?

3. Create a Self Brand that is :

  • Distinctive (recognizable – this is easy: You are Unique!)
  • Predictable (consistent – but allow room for contradictions: you are human!)
  • Meaningful (is why you do it! Stay close to your heart and define success on your own terms)
  1. Mantra”: one short and memorable sentence “I help …. with/to … so they can….”
  2. Story : remember the “why you do what you do?” – collect personal stories, anecdotes or clients stories to convey different aspects of your message
  3. Colors : that you consistently use in your clothes, decoration, paper communication -Red for a dynamic and powerful leader; Fuchsia for a woman of strength; Brown for a trustworthy layer; Purple for a creative mind; White for a spiritual leader; or total black, if you want to build up a shield…
  4. Smell : lavender could convey relaxation and reflection, while lemon grass is exciting and dynamic
  5. Sound : in my classes, I play tango music and in my events, female latin american singers – what does your brand sound like?
  6. Flavor : do you invite clients for lunch? or host dinner parties? or are in charge of choosing the catering for your events? use your country of origin or travels to add a unique flavor
  7. Greeting : making a great first impression is important – what handshake do you choose?
  8. Picture of you : that you consistently use in all communication pieces – make sure is updated!
  9. Wardrobe : you will need 3 kind of outfits: networking outfit that makes you feel confident and invite others to connect with you, public presentation outfit that helps you to project your energy to the audience, 1 to 1 interview outfit that grounds you in who you are and sustains your message
  10. Business Card : how does your business card stand out from the pile? does it generates conversation when you give it?
  11. Email address signature : could it be something else than ‘kind regards’? could you find a couple of words or a quote that communicates better your SELF Brand
  12. Thank You notes: Send hand written thank you notes to prospects, clients, superiors, colleagues, journalists, family and friends – they have a much greater impact than electronic messages! And people remember then.

4. Commit

  • To take risks
  • To not taking yourself too seriously
  • To not taking anything personally
  • To Self- Actualization
  • To show a little vulnerability. It opens a door in a grey wall , inviting people and opportunities to come in. Be the real you. People remember the real you.

What I learned in my journey paying attention to life lessons, is that when you stop identifying yourself with the voice of fear, limitations and assumptions about who you are, and you start listening to your feelings and inner knowing, you definitely start seeing new opportunities… that will be aligned with who you really are.

SELF Branding is about embracing diversity and inclusion. 
It is about recognizing that we all had enough of separation and competition.
It is about self confidence and respect. 
It is about being a little more human and creating a world where we are all happy to live in.
It is about recognizing that the world urgently needs more people who dare to lead by sharing openly their gifts, inviting others to do the same.

If you agree, what stops you from giving 100% of yourself?

SELF Branding: When who you are is what makes the difference

Could we create a world where everyone loves their job? It was the question I asked the audience of the Geneva Communicators Network during my conference on SELF BRANDING.

I believe that to love your job, or anything you do in life, it needs to be in alignment with who you are. We had constructed a world of wonderful people, with wonderful gifts, that try to be similar to each other in order to secure a place in the system and avoid criticism.

The beauty of SELF Branding is that it contains who you really are. It is liberating, as it is the base for finding alignment with anything in life.

Here are 3 KEY ELEMENTS:

1) What you do VS why you do it (motivation, purpose, believes, values)
2) How you do it VS what you contribute with (results)
3) Where you did it VS who you have become

Your personal brand is all about who you are, what you want to be known for and how you want to be remembered. People get inspired by why you do what you do, what you contribute with, and people remember how you made them feel…

Here are the 5 CHALLENGES:
1 – DARE to be your self (anyway, everyone else is already taken)
2 – embrace the idea of being different
3 – might feel risky and uncomfortable
4 – stay centered (people tend to ‘warn’ you of the dangers like rejection, criticism, mistakes…)
5- this is not about making your life easier, is about making it fulfilling

And there is 1 CHOICE you need to make:
Are you going to be part of the new world, where people are free, true to themselves and responsible for their own choices?

In the next article I will share the process of building your SELF Brand…

PS: Thanks to Glenn O’Neil for inviting me to facilitate this Lunch Seminar for the Geneva Communicators Network

Humanity is waking up. Women are waking up.

Can you feel it?

Our hearts are opening. Everything around us is shaking. We are on the verge of a new, universal form of humanity. This process involves change & chaos inside & out. This process already begun, and it will continue for years

Was 2011 a year of changes or challenges for you? And 2012 a year of transformation and unexpected changes? Relationships, jobs, life plans are being shaken upside-down and inside-out

If yes, let me reassure you that this is all part of a birthing process, labour pains just prior to the emergence of a new way of being. Your soul is calling you to awaken to your authentic self, your higher self and your true purpose. This process is starting to affect millions of people all over the world & the process is escalating .

Love will be, in this new humanity, the force to transform and create.  We will share who we are and what we do from a place of Love. And do not worry, 2012 is not the end of the world. The Mayan’s prediction speaks about evolution .

My work is devoted to empower women.

Women are waking up and remembering to LOVE. Remembering to love themselves unconditionally, to value and honor everything women are, grounded in their femininity. The Grandmother told me, ‘only when a woman respects who she is will be able to take the space she wants. Women do not have to fight or struggle. But confrontations in the work-place and in relationships are normal. This is what happens when women start to wake up finding themselves in places that they do not want to be in anymore.’

A Grandmother I met in my last trip to Guatemala told me : “Women must understand and master their true power : Intuition + Vision (feeling and seeing) and practice it with kindness. “

She said that, in this new world, women are considered the agents of change. Women are the ones who will generate and transform the society. They will become the guardians of our communities. From a place of Love, understanding the Universal Laws and the Natural Cycles .

The time is now. We are all being called to step up & live consciously, positively. The energetic shifts & awakenings are accelerating & we need to build strong foundations to weather the challenges of our age.

Blessings of Love and Peace to your heart. The force of Love and the feel of Unity may be with you these days and stay forever.