People see me as confident in my body and the way I move. My feminine way of dressing, dancing and being. In my classes, many women ask me my secrets and practices of self care and wellbeing, as I never, ever, visit a doctor or even gain weight.

My truth is different. Women are surprised when I share this.

I spend most of my life punishing myself with food (to the point of anorexia); I tried to control my body from changing even one centimetre with endless sessions of body work; I always liked fashion, but I used to use clothes as an armour in the world.

I grew up terrified by other’s opinion and specially jealously from other women. I feared separation.

So I learned to tone myself down. To the point I mastered it.
Over the past 15 years I have been coming home to myself, and specially to the way I feel in my feminine body and how I express my femininity.

Today is my mission to bring women to that place that feels like home. A place that once is inhabited again, we are able to find our voices, true colors, passion and aliveness. 

Your sensual self is THE sublime expression of your feminine Soul.

If rejected, your body starts calling us back with painful menstrual  periods, sick reproductive organs, cysts in the ovaries, or chronic infections “down there”.

When suppressed, you have a hard time connecting with yourself, with knowing what kind of food to eat or which practice is good for your body. You also have a hard time connecting to others, specially men.

Sensuality is at the core of my 41 years of exploration and healing of the feminine . I know both by experience and witnessing other women, the healing powers of embracing our natural innate sensuality.

I experienced and witnessed, too, how much magnetic a woman becomes when she is fully herself, skyrocketing the capacity to lead and influence others. Feminine leadership becomes sustainable and life giving.

I’m thrilled to invite you to participate in this special Glowing Woman Temple dedicated to SENSUALITY. It’s going to be delicious, sister.

The Glowing Woman Temple is dedicated to women ready to go beyond concepts, definitions and rigid disciplines or methods.

Do you feel the call too, sister?

In this Temple evening I’ll share:

– the root cause of this disconnection that is present in most women’s life,
– how igniting your sensuality can improve your health, menstruation, relationships and leadership.

You’ll be led into a powerful practice to ignite your sensual self in total safety while celebrating yourself and others in precious sisterhood.

I’m looking forward to practice with you, admire you and celebrate you,

With love & gratitude,