Adriana Rojas

I found Samiel while walking down the path of life.  She became one of those beautiful blessings life gives to you when it unites you with those “big people” who walk simply among us….without realizing, at first, their enormous potential.

I have seen how this wonderful being wakes up, recognizes herself, and from her heart choses to support others in their process of growth…

Samiel Carolina.  A woman standing erect with her beautiful bright eyes.  One who learned to connect with her body, and continues today, to dance within the rhythm of life…sometimes water, other times wind or earth, but always fire.

I have seen her rise and fall so many times that one cannot help but admire the Warrior Living Inside Her.

My Friend…..My Sister.  How fortunate I feel to have you in my life and to walk by your side in this beautiful process you have chosen for your existence. You are an example and blessings to those who cross your path.

An Ode to Samiel Carolina, Founder of Dare to Glow

Dare to Glow. The name was enticing. It spoke of defiance, of beauty and of glamour. It had a je ne sais quoi that made it full of promises. So I confirmed my attendance.

I first met Samiel Carolina at an event organized by the Organisation of Women in International Trade (OWIT). Samiel was part of a panel whose theme was “How to manage transitions”. I had a job that I loved and was not thinking of changing course. But somehow I made the time to attend. I was immediately wooed by Carolina’s charm, energy and convincing approach to her mission: helping professional women use their body wisdom and spirituality to align with a deeper purpose and make a bigger contribution to the world. Carolina’s methods sounded holistic and all encompassing. She dared going beyond seeing us as “fragments” of ourselves to talk about the body and the soul.

Not your usual life coach talk in business gatherings. I was intrigued.

Since then I have had the privilege to interact with Carolina on a one to one basis, in social gatherings, and at the women circles and gratitude dinners that she used to organize in her loft in downtown Geneva. She has played a role in re-awakening in me a longstanding desire to integrate my left brain, the basis of my career as an economist, and my right brain, the creative side, exemplified by my passion for literature. She helped me in my quest to be whole. She has also guided me through key readings and practices that have increased, dare I say, my spiritual intelligence.  

I believe that Carolina’s work is essential for those of us who yearn for authentic leadership.

Samiel acts as a catalyst that allows us to dare to lean in and bring to the table our real and powerful selves. With all this in mind, I recently invited Samiel Carolina to speak at the UN as part of a series of talks of our UNCTAD Women’s Network. She was just back from a trip to Guatemala where she had taken a group of women on the iconic IXBE journey of beauty, creativity and female wisdom.

Samiel Carolina spoke about tuning in our bodies to find the essence of the feminine and on how to use it in our quest for a better world. She highlighted a number of practical tools and graced the audience with her generous sharing of her personal journey to finding her purpose and staying true to it. The interactive session that followed was lively and the feedback very positive.

As she often says, the first step is the most important one, and it is to dare to be your glowing self. The question is, would you dare ? I wholeheartedly I recommend you do.

Bonnie Fatio

Carolina is a glowing example of what she teaches. It is easy to connect to her in her messages which touch women of all ages.

Pamela Grant

Passion, energy and expertise! Carolina walks the talk in helping professional woman understand the hidden aspects of presence on the job market. She presents with grace, insight and force.

Rona Steinberg

Samiel was a guest speaker at our recent IN THIS BODY Conference, London, October 2014. The moment I met her, I knew she would be perfect for our Story Sharing event – she is honest, truthful and thoroughly authentic and this is absolutely how she showed up on the day. She is not only an accomplished public speaker, she is also a highly intuitive story teller, knowing how to sustain the interest and curiosity of her audience whilst connecting with them emotionally.

Samiel has a powerful stage presence and she also knows how to be tender, humorous and soft. I am delighted to recommend her as a speaker at your event.

Durga Holzhauser

Sisterhood is a lost asset. It is incubated and revisited by women facing each other naked in our truest self. I have worked with Samiel, we created together “The Female Leader Initiated” in 2015. We cried and laughed together. I have had her as a sister. She feels me. She listens to me. When she embodies and dances my body wakes up. She never let me down. To collaborate with her is loyal and royal.

Julie R.

I wanted you to know that the work we did is still working and I am eagerly awaiting some warmer weather so I can put into practice the advice you shared with me and fall in love with my body!  It is Good to feel Good!


Today for the first time, I felt comfortable with my body and myself. I feel good. So Samiel Carolina, thank-you for pushing me forward, and I hope I can make a difference in someone’s life in my next profession.


I was really impressed by the positive vibes and attitude of Samiel’s circles.

Michele Telio

I considered myself a very dynamic woman before working with Samiel. I wasn’t sure if I “needed” another coach. Now that I finished, I can experience myself at a higher level that I didn’t know was possible. It has changed my life and how I look at myself, my life and career. Her support in trusting in the process is incredible, this makes the experience very empowering.