The Glowing Woman Journey approach resonated a lot because I had had an inner call to explore my femininity. I joined Dare to Glow program and very quickly, I understood that what I needed first and foremost to do was to make / create space to welcome my new life, my new me, my true & authentic me!

I had several mind-blowing Bangs along the process like:

  1. Acceptance: life happens FOR me, not TO me.
  2. Compassion for others and myself: embracing my own wounds and transforming them to move forward.
  3. Inner resources: learning how to use my feminine archetypes, I realise I have all the resources I need in myself, listening to my inner calls, observing the subtle signs in me and around me, trusting my intuition.
  4. Feminine leadership: I am the meaning of my life, I speak my truth. As a go-giver, I bring the best of me and embark others. Yes I have the potential, I experienced it recently without knowing it! The shift is happening!

I can already experiment more joy, simplicity and lightness in my life. So I continue the process, I trust the flow. The journey is the destination!

I am a living example that Samiel can support any women who are at a personal and/or professional crossroads. She offers the means to access to a higher level of consciousness which allows to reveal ourselves as glowing, balanced and authentic women.