When I began my 9-month coaching journey with Samiel, I had been to Guatemala on IX-BE, and had participated in the Feminine Leader Initiated retreat. So I knew that there was transformative magic to be had wherever Samiel was. I also knew, however, that I was maybe a “difficult” case, given my many years of experience and ingrained patterns, which I needed and desperately wanted to change. I longed for a long-term, 360 degree, holistic experience that would help me to reconnect with and express my true self, whom I had neglected for a very long time as I dedicated myself to pleasing and taking care of others. I was thrilled when I discovered that Samiel would work with me on exactly this basis. And the experience has been truly transformative – I feel like an entirely new, and whole, and strong person. Not to mention, much better dressed and groomed, and someone who takes time to care for herself (a FIRST for me!). I feel that I have rediscovered the self whom I knew since birth and whom I had neglected. The self who will make my next chapters the very best of my life! Thank you Samiel !