The #1 question I receive from men about us, women is…

Samiel, why are women not feminine anymore ?

You may be feeling angry towards these men/question. Yet please, stay with me as we explore deeper where this is coming from.

I receive this question since 2009, when I talk about my work in gatherings, conferences or when I am on the go traveling to teach, as I just did in Ibiza, where a man asked me this question again.
Men are still wondering where has our femininity, playful sensuality and grace has gone.

Women are still trying to embrace this part of them, sometimes fearing that they will lose power, attract wrong men or send the wrong message.

The answers I observed in myself and through my work over the past years are these :

Many  generations ago women learned that in order to survive in the world, they needed to toughen up and demonstrate who they were. Today, few generations down the road, women are exhausted of “demonstrating” and longing to “just be myself”.
When I look at the lineages, in most cases I find abuse or violence of some sort. Some women believe (consciously or subconsciously) the masculine polarity protects them from repeating abuse (attracting the wrong men). The truth is, also prevents the right man/partner to come in. Lineage healing is essential here.
As women haven’t had a healthy role model around femininity and body love in the first years of life (one of the most common mother wound), plus the objectivisation of the female body, that transpires through every single magazine and advertising, most women thing that the sensual expression is “done” for someone else’s pleasure or fantasy. The fact is that the female body IS designed to be sensual, awake and engaged in the world to transform it into a more harmonious place. Women are starting to remember sensuality is her birthright.

The deeper exploration of this question took me to a very beautiful place, in my private life and those of the women I work with. I realised that when we are able to restore sensuality in our lives not only we become more radiant, welcoming people, possibilities and places.

Our health also skyrockets to the heavens.

One of the safest paces on Earth that I know to explore the kind of sensuality that gives back life to our body, dreams and health are women’s temples. For example with Chameli Ardagh or Sofia Sundari, or with me at the Glowing Woman Temple.
The feminine practices of the Temple are the foundation for feminine wellbeing. We activate the parasympathetic nervous system (that helps you to relax and rejuvenate and which is normally shut down when we are too busy) and stimulating the production of melatonin, which is the feminine hormone that balances stress. Melatonin is The hormone that you need for deeper sleep, relaxation, connection and smoother menstrual periods. So it is a VERY important hormone for us women.
It is that hormone that makes you feel safe and at home within yourself. So our practice in Temple produces biochemical changes in your system and skyrockets your wellbeing. Hopefully you make this space YOURS, for your own wellbeing and rejuvenation, and magic, of course.
What I’d love to leave you with, dearest sister, are these questions for reflection :
–  your experience of your own femininity and sensual expression the way you desire to be, for yourself ?
– Or are you still trying to confine yourself into some duty labeled boxes about how you should show up and express ?

Remember your feminine soul is always longing for expansion and expression. Make room for her.

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