There is something powerful that happens when a woman is seen, understood and celebrated by other women.

We suddenly remember how alive we are. How safe we feel. How amazing we are, as other women reflect that back to us.

As if we give each other permission to be all that we are. No playing games or strategies. Just showing up spontaneously.

This is how it sounds like :

Laughter is a message from the Soul : “here you are!”

Luminary is a 9 month mentorship program for women who want to share their Soul’s medicine with the world through their work, life and relationships.

It sounds very serious. And it is. Yet above all, is an extraordinary, liberating , joyful journey back home to ourselves, our humanity and planet.

Next mentorship journey starts November 2018. »

If you’d like to become a Luminary woman and share your medicine with the world, we’d love to have you on board !

Applications are open : 

With love, gratitude and laughter,