The Shift – what are you dressing for?

During the Body Analysis sessions, what women experience is the mental shift  that takes place in order to have style and confidence when choosing clothes.
– What’s your least favorite body part? And the part you try to camouflage?
– From your teeth to your toes, lips to legs, what is your favorite body part?

Think about it. What answer comes quicker to you?
See. You may be getting dressed with your focus on what you don’t like, what you wish to be different or what you are ashamed of.  So you will try to camouflage and hope that they do not realize you gained some weight or how fluffy are your arms after 50 .

How is this way of thinking helping you to bring out the best of you? How positive is your impact in other people, in your work, in your life?

By dressing to flatter your favorite body part, your focus shifts into positive, self reassuring and liberating attitude towards your body and your sense of who you are. Your energy flows into a different place that automatically ‘disarms’ the unproductive thoughts and feelings.

To flatter your favorite body part, you can:
– wear clear colours.  Light colours reflect light and draw attention to that area. This will accentuate the area and make it appear more prominent…especially when a darker piece of clothing is worn next to it.
– wear accessories: to accentuate your eye colors, your waist, your fine wrists or your feminine and delicate ankles.
And when shopping, observe how the cutting and the colours of the item flatter your favorite body part!

Stay fabulous and live with passion!