The top 4 Soul expanding lessons of 2015 (phew!)

We made it through 2015 ! Phew !

What an intense year it has been. Did you feel it too ?

Contractions and expansions, the flow of life, yet intense as never before.  In this video I share what my vision is about this intense year. What is really happening. Watch it by clicking the image below :

watch video now


During the practice of Soul Centred Resolutions, the magic of 2015 was revealed to me. In the surface, it seemed rather a difficult and challenging year, full of changes, transitions, and some achievements. Yet the depth of the practice revealed what was underneath the surface.

Let me share with you the magic of my 2015. I’ll be curious to know what it brought to you !

TRUST : closing doors (such courses I have given for the past 4 years and corporate clients ) to open new ones – without knowing which one would open. I have to say I am really enjoying my “new” skill of saying NO. 🙂

FLOW : allowing things, people and places to come and go without the need to know or control. I have mastered the ability of creating empty space for creativity and flow, becoming a central part of how I create and lead my life today. I promised that if I made it, you can make it too !

RECEIVE : feeling worthy of my dreams to say yes to the new openings and find the magic on the other side . 2015 brought so much abundance and gifts, specially in the material world, that I experienced how hard is to receive our dreams despite all the effort and hard work we know we put into it, if we haven’t work out our self-worth. This lesson has been tough, but totally worth it indeed !

TRUTH : sharing even more openly  my gifts and struggles led me to places and collaborations that I never thought possible. Some of the highlights are The Feminine Leader Initiated with Durga Holzhauser ; Seasons of a Woman where my BodyMap was featured; a chapter dedicated to my personal struggle with food in Bound Feet Blues book by Yang-May Ooi; an article in L’Hedbo magazine featuring my work as a modern priestess in French Speaking Switzerland.

Certainly a challenging year, yet the more I opened and surrender to the challenges the easier and graceful the navigation process was. I am now ready to Glow even more in 2016, which to me has a key word :  ALLOWING.

I’m curious about the process. I am ready to joyful receive the gifts of a Soulful year ahead.

With Love,