TOP #4 signs of inauthenticity – and what to do about them

When we choose to be authentic, we show the world our raw, unmasked, genuine self. We act in alignment with what we think and feel. We live our values and follow our heart. 


We openly share our personality and passion with other people, and we use our distinctive strengths and talents in our work. Living like this makes us feel alive, connected, and “real.” It allows us to look into the mirror each morning with pride, free of self criticism and judgment, and say, “I’m being who I am meant to be : myself.” 

Unfortunately, many of us don’t choose authenticity. Instead, we adapt to the world the way a chameleon does, changing our true colors in order to blend into the environment. We disguise who we really are in hopes of being accepted by others. We show the world an artificial,  synthetic self, a replica of who “they” want us to be rather than who we truly are. We swallow our true thoughts and feelings, hide our true passions, and underutilize our true gifts. 

Living like this makes us feel hollow, disconnected, and fake. It makes us avoid ourselves in the mirror in the morning and creates a repeating inner voice : “Please stop acting this way; it’s not the real you. Can’t your feel there is someone special in here waiting to be let out ? ” 

Most of my clients come to Dare to Glow in search for a more authentic expression of who they are, a more authentic way of being a woman …

At first, it can be difficult for them to articulate what exactly authenticity is and feels like. So I put together a list of concrete and subtle signs to know and recognize when you are being inauthentic :

  • Voice : When we’re not being ourselves, we tend to use a high voice. We’re not projecting from our belly and probably you are forgetting to bring oxygen below the neck. Another sign of discomfort is the pace and articulation : are you talking fast ? is it difficult for others to comprehend what you say ? Hint : you need to aligned yourself with your truth. What do you really want to say ?
  • Body : Our bodies are billions of supra-intelligent cells that can’t be fooled. Tension in your being is picked up instantly by your body. Do a body scan : Am I clenching my butt, my hands or my jaw?. Hint : your body is trying to tell you what really is going on with you, the situation. You need to pay attention to the bodily reactions and ask for the message to be revealed. Ask “What are you trying to tell me, dear body” – in silence, answers will be revealed.
  • Breath : Shallow breathing in the chest area is a signal of fear, nervousness and inauthenticity. Hint : allow yourself to pause to check in with the breath. Bring it down into your belly to ground yourself, to find peace and answers.
  • Presence : When we’re feeling safe and authentically in the moment, we relax and respond naturally to what’s showing up. We can hold a space for us, and others, in silence if necessary, without the rush to “say something”. When we’re not, we’re hyper-vigilant watching others for signs that we’re accepted and safe. Hint : watch your thoughts. Are you having disempowering thoughts about yourself ? Are you comparing yourself to others? Who would you be in this moment without that thought ?

The Self-Actualized Woman is the woman in each of us who lives in her body, who is aware of her perceptions and reactions to the outer world. She is grounded in her inner world and her life is a bridge in between them.

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