Lately I’ve been reflecting about this word I always use: transformation. (note : this is an email newsletter from 2012!)

Why transformation and not change?

When you change something, you fix it.
When you transform it, you create something completely new.
And this is a choice you make with every act and decision.

To change you must study the past and perfect it. To transform you must envision the future and let
go of all that prevents it from coming into being.

Now it becomes clear why I’ve been intuitively using the word transformation all this years (11 already!) : we don’t want to be changed, or ‘fixed’. There is nothing wrong with us. We all want to become the best we can become. If you are reading this email, and did all the exercises in the workbook,  you may also want this!

These dynamics work both at personal level and in organizations. Change masters make things better, faster, cheaper. Transformation masters take the organization beyond its past.

Both are powerful. Personally I prefer transformation. Choose deliberately yours. What you master personally you excel at in the office.

As transformation requires our loving, deep presence… 

Let me introduce you with further guidance I’ve created for you:

Centering in your heart: Soul Alchemy Ritual
Centering in your mind: Inner Peace Practice
Centering in your body: Oracle Card Deck

 It is 2012. The time to Glow is now. It’s time to awaken to a new way of being and navigate the changes with confidence, and well centered. We are all called to stop looking into the past. It’s time to create the future.

I invite you to discover our work dedicated to all women ready to walk the path of transformation. With joy and presence ..

“Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.” 
~Marianne Williamson