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{ Courageous Conversation } – Answering your Purpose from Global Career to Entrepreneur

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Sexual Healing, Sisterhood & Feminine Leadership : a hot conversation with Durga

Join us with burning talking about sexual healing and leadership, break-ups and embodying the feminine and the new level of sisterhood to birth the new paradigm with the gorgeous Samiel Carolina Rodriguez Barros.( www.samielcarolina.com) I love to create with her. Meet her 2nd time at our www.thesoulgathering.com were she teaches how. Get on it. It promises hot stuff.

Opslået af Durga Holzhauser på 18. april 2017

This is the recording of the Facebook live with my beloved sister Durga Holzhauser.

We sat down for a burning talking about sexual healing and leadership; break-ups and embodying the feminine; and the new level of sisterhood to birth the new paradigm.

This conversation is part of the Soul Gathering happening in the summer 2017 in the gorgeous La Lumiere, South of France.

You are invited to be part of this exclusive gathering, for change makers, forward thinkers and creatives.

»»» Learn more about the Soul Gathering and join here

With Love & Gratitude,


{ vlog } New Moon in Libra :: Create your next big chapter with laser sharp focus

This morning I want to the beach for a swim and video shooting for you! But… It took some time to find a powerful internet connection to upload it … so here we are ! Finally in your inbox !

We had a New Moon today about 2am Swiss time. We are dreaming ourselves into our new 12 years cycle : Starting today.

Can you feel that the energy lifted since the Equinox ? Can you feel you are now ready to move forward much lighter with all the releasing you’ve courageously done so far this year? Yeah!

Today we are invited to express gratitude and dream with eagle vision our future life, communities, families and businesses.

Imagine today you can access the power of the hunter with a blowgun , getting straight into his target. This means : don’t doubt any minute that if you can dream it, you can be and do it.

Use the energy of your inner child, enter a place of playful creation to do this. Don’t get trapped or overwhelmed analysing if your dreams are possible or even accurate. Your inner child is a magical child that knows and trusts. I dare to follow her.


Celebrating the magic in you,

Samiel Carolina


The Wild Woman waits for you in the woods – Interview with Sofia Sundari


Hello gorgeous one,

Welcome to the inside of the Ecstatic Wholeness Retreat with Sofia Sundari, who will lead you to meet the Wild Woman.

Oh yes, it is time !

Are you willing to go there where your Soul desires are guiding you ?

Listen to the interview and know from Sofia who the Wild Woman is and how she helps you to create the life you desire. Plus, Sofia shares insights and benefits about the Jade Egg practice AND the details of her sessions during the Ecstatic Wholeness Retreat.

There is a super discounted Early Bird offer until 17 of April – for women who dare to glow awakening and celebrating their sacred, sensual body.

Join us, beautiful, now it is your time to glow. Read more about the Ecstatic Wholeness Retreat here.

PS : we promise, we didn’t agree on the colours we would wear for the interview – this is how the feminine is connected ! yay !

I see you in the woods, dear one,

Samiel Priestess Dare to Glow

Ecstatic Wholeness Retreat