{ vlog } New Moon in Libra :: Create your next big chapter with laser sharp focus

This morning I want to the beach for a swim and video shooting for you! But… It took some time to find a powerful internet connection to upload it … so here we are ! Finally in your inbox !

We had a New Moon today about 2am Swiss time. We are dreaming ourselves into our new 12 years cycle : Starting today.

Can you feel that the energy lifted since the Equinox ? Can you feel you are now ready to move forward much lighter with all the releasing you’ve courageously done so far this year? Yeah!

Today we are invited to express gratitude and dream with eagle vision our future life, communities, families and businesses.

Imagine today you can access the power of the hunter with a blowgun , getting straight into his target. This means : don’t doubt any minute that if you can dream it, you can be and do it.

Use the energy of your inner child, enter a place of playful creation to do this. Don’t get trapped or overwhelmed analysing if your dreams are possible or even accurate. Your inner child is a magical child that knows and trusts. I dare to follow her.


Celebrating the magic in you,

Samiel Carolina