Who would you be ?


The Journey of the Glowing Woman is all about creating ourselves into BEING. Making conscious choices of who we want to be, at every breath. Consciously choosing to let go the learned, the stiff and rigid, the tension, the guilt and the shame. And everything in between that  prevent us to embrace our full potential as women.

Boxes. Roles. Labels. Expectations. Are all too small for the Glowing Woman. She who dares to glow, dares to go beyond and move into the direction of her dreams.

I want to know, dear one, are you the one who dares ?

Who would you be if you dare to glow in 2016 ? 

In 2016 ..

… you want to Glow, yet you are still putting everyone else as a priority in your life …
This is one of the TOP issues I discuss with the women I work with. And I still discuss it with my mother ! One of the main learnings that prevents us from glowing is that as women we first have to care for others, get the things done, communicate, serve healthy meals, put our children to sleep… Long time ago women were told that taking care of themselves has no value, that is selfish or that we can replenish ourselves with just a massage or manicure …

Contemplate and Unlock :
what is your belief about self care ?  what is behind your tendency to putting things and people as a priority before yourself ?

…  you want to feel free to fully express yourself as a woman, yet you are still looking for external validation …
Big topic. Big entanglement. These are some of the patterns I see in the past 7 years working with women (and a lifetime of 40 years working on myself!) : We have learned to tone ourselves down : either not to disturb our busy parents or not to upset them with our unfulfilled dreams while they tried to keep their relationship together. We have learned to contain our creativity and emotions to survive in an environment that expect us to consistently do and “produce” results. We have learned to tone down our femininity not to upset our mother, disturb our father or brothers and not to compete with our friends and colleagues – and of course, because we don’t want to “appear vulgar”.

Contemplate and Unlock :
do you feel fully comfortable expressing your creativity, emotions, sensuality and sexuality ?
what parts (dreams, desires) of you still need inner validation ?

… you want to find or create a relationship based on trust and connection, yet you are still repeating old patterns and encountering inner blocks to intimacy …
The old saying that says something like “nothing goes away until it teaches you what your Soul needs to learn.” is SO totally true. And here is the magic : when you give yourself permission (for this you need : 1. make yourself priority, 2. validate your desire – see above) to slow down enough,  you are able to connect with yourself in ways you never experienced before. Inner blocks are dissolved within you when you dare to look into them  and fully love yourself, your body and your feminine Soul as you are today. When you slow down enough and gaze into your partners’ eyes, you are able to connect at a Soul level inviting him/her into your world, making him/her feel safe, understood and desired. Then your Souls will start to trust, connect and find meaning in the shared dreams.

Contemplate and Unlock :
do you trust life, yourself and the people you attract to your world ?
do you give yourself permission to fully slow down and connect with your desires ?


Contemplate the answers to the questions. Who would you be in 2016 if you dare to glow ?

Before we close this year, I want to guide you further on your journey and give you the tools and best kept secrets for in-bodying the glowing woman you truly are. During these 3 days with me you create yourself into the woman you desire to be.

Here is the magic :  I know from direct experience and from over 7 years of guiding women just like you, sister, that when you reclaim your true essence, aliveness, joy and meaning comes back to you, and to everyone around you.

If you would be that woman that glows her joy and alive self into every area of her life. Join us.
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It is our time to Glow. Join us for the

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“Dancing ecstasy. I remember the moment capturesd in this image. Effortlessly my body went into the zone. Movement glided through my torso, arms, head and hands.Like it was making love to the world through me. It was an infinity moment…..one that could have gone on and on.

The body has a current of intelligent bliss flowing through it that is available at all times. This current is the power, energy, clarity, verve of Life that we use to do everything. It flows effortlessly. Immerse yourself in your body’s intelligent bliss and life becomes more coherent and less effort-filled.
I’m teaching how to connect with this dancing ecstasy in your own body at our Ecstatic Wholeness Retreat. Join us…”

Vena Ramphal on her session during the Ecstatic Wholeness Retreat


In ecstatic dance mood,