You may feel like “you made it”.

As if the path you started at a crossroad

have reached its destination.

Life may feel complete, perfect.

You now lost the weight

attracted a relationship

got the new position or salary

made the decision.

The dance classes

The art classes

The yoga classes

make you feel wonderful.

And so now that you feel at peace,

You love yourself.

You love your life.

In fact, you look back and wonder

how did you could not love yourself,

how did you think it was so difficult.

Now you see you have come a long way,

and pull out from the practices

at least for a while

go off track

off “piste”

Too explore and see what else is out there.

I did this million times.

I thought I had it all figured out.

And went off my path.

Women, we tend to do this.

Life is good. We tend to forget

that we can be celebrated when we feel good.

That we can celebrate others when we feel good.

That we can be of inspiration to others when we feel good.

The risk is,

that soon,

the precious “me time”

we learned to carve out when

we needed healing,

is now pushed down to the bottom of the list

because now we have so much energy for others

but ourselves.

Showing up when we feel good

is being generous.

We don’t only show up when we feel down,

when we need guidance, help.

We also and specially,

we show up when feel good

really good. So we can GIVE back.

How generous are you willing to BE?

But what happens ?

Do we feel as if when we feel good

others can be jealous?

Why aren’t we showing up when life is good?

We tend to forget to GIVE.

We tend to forget that other

sisters can be guided by our presence

when we feel good.

The spiritual practice and path

is a path of giving and receiving.

A path of self leadership.

A path of commitment

to the Soul we are here to express.

Soul feels contracted.

Soul feels expanded.

Specially the feminine Soul

feels expanded when connects

with others.

When she RECEIVE, she heals.

When she GIVES, she thrives.

How generous are you willing to BE?