Women’s Day – Honouring our Lineage


I never really understood why we celebrate Women’s Day – isn’t it that all beings deserve to be celebrated ? Isn’t it every day women’s day ?

Since very young age, many things of this world didn’t make sense. And continue this way today.

Today, as messages of “happy women’s day” cross our path, as we may receive flowers and chocolate (yuk !) in the workplace or at home… let’s awaken.  Let’s take a moment to tune in with the invitation of a day that “is supposed to be” Women’s Day….

The way I make sense of today, 8th March of every year, is recognising and honouring the women in my life.

My lineage : my grandmother, my mother and sisters … and women before them, who knew their battles of everyday life will benefit many future generations. Who had to suffer and compromise their dreams so I can live my life on my terms and dream big, travel the world and enjoy the freedom they have been fighting for.

They knew the strength and power of the feminine seed inside of us. They knew a day will arrive where we were going to be responsible for our lives, open our wings and fly high sharing our glowing beauty with the world.

I light a candle for each woman in my life. I light a candle for you. And for our beloved Great Mother.


Let’s rewrite the story : what does 8th of March really mean to you ?

With Love,


Samiel Priestess Dare to Glow