Women’s Moon Lodge – Coming Home


Let’s take the time to share, come back to our center, to our roots. Let’s explore the possibilities of our own and collective fertile soil and prepare for the year ahead. Let’s explore together the darkness of the New Moon.

The darkness of the New Moon symbolizes our subconscious, inner knowing and hollow space of our womb where all life is created. When we search to live more in touch with our body and less in our head, this is the place where we drop ourselves into. 

Here feel held, contained, supported. Here we find the answers to our burning life questions. 

 Coming Home 

Seat comfortably, on a chair, cushion or your favorite place. 
Choose a comfortable posture, and bring your awareness to your breathing, feel the air coming in and out through your nostrils, caressing your body from the insight.
Drop your breathing down into your belly.
Feel the expansion, contraction and the space between… Enjoy that space…
After a few moments, drop even deeper, into your pelvic area.
Keep breathing here for a few moments. Expanding, contracting and pausing…
There is nothing specific that needs to happen.
Open up to the experience and trust the process.
Along your day, come back to this breathing when you feel the need to come back to your center…

“Instead of being a peak experience you once had, 
or a concept you read about and compare yourself with, 
you become the embodied 
realization of freedom and love
you now recognize yourself
as the infinite creative potential.”

You are not alone. Welcome Home.

Take the time to slowly arrive and to occupy your space in the circle.