{ Working with the Moon } – Vitality and everything Earthy

A New Moon is approaching on September 5th 2013. In our Women’s Moon Lodge, our main focus when looking for topics around which to frame our intentions will be Virgo herself. She comes to us garbed in the Earth Element, with the planet Mercury giving her direction. She is practical and likes to see things manifest through her efforts. She’s a bit of a perfectionist and can have pesky issues of dissatisfaction with “the way things are.” Due to her association with the 6th House of health, self-perfection and service she can be your best friend when it comes to clear advice on puzzles around health. She can function like a detective in finding the source of issues that may be blocking our vitality.

  • Are we seeing life and our surroundings from a purely critical point of view?
  • What would be a way to balance that: appreciation and compassion?
  • Are we all work and no play? Maybe we need to structure into our schedule some time for release from focus? Something physical perhaps would be the balance?
  • What issues could be blocking my vitality? What do I know calls for transformation but is blocked by my fears?
  • Perhaps we can eliminate that which is no longer needed, including certain people in our lives.

Practice your meditation during this new moon, asking your body to reveal the messages and answers to these questions. Plant the seed that will bring vitality, join and fulfillment in the next cycle. And as always, make space for that seed to grow letting go of something (habit, relationship, activity or thought) that doesn’t serve you anymore.