Knowing Your Energies

 Yin & Yang

Knowing your energies and integrating them is the way to authenticity – The practice does not require new skills; rather, it is a process of unlearning patterns that do not serve you anymore.

Which energy do you use the most ?

YIN : negative, opaque, down, night, darkness, materiality, slow, feminine, slim, weight, concrete, brain, entrance, deep, right, ventral, peaceful, inhibition, inactivity, substance, nutritious, low, inner space, Xu (deficiency)

YANG : positive, brilliant, soaring, sky, up, day, light, insubstanciabilité, fast, masculine, big, light, abstract, psyche, exit, ascend, cephalic, lateral, superficial, left, back, movement, excitement, activity, hyperactivity, functional, strong, external, Shi (excess)

“Livre des mutations”