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Back in Argentina, I loved loved loved going to therapy. I did them all – psychoanalysis, analysis, Jung, Freud, and everything in between. I loved to have that one hour for myself ever two weeks to talk… talk… talk…

I did it for years. Years. Years. Until the therapist that helped me out of anorexia got me so much out of my comfort zone that I finally opened up to myself and… change !

I still remember our conversation in loop in my head :
her : “What is present for you right now?”
me : “I don’t know”
her: “yes you know”
me: “mhhh”…. and I will enter a never ending silence … until I could drop the resistance and finally listen to myself…. I have to confess, it took me several months to speak from that deep place.

Until then, all other therapies were “treating” single, isolated parts of myself. I was kind of happy to talk over the same things. Like when you intellectually know your problem, you develop a kind of confidence about the whole topic. But I was not really experiencing change, clarity, movement even the vitality I wanted!

Something similar happened to Clarisse last year. When we met, Clarisse’d been going to therapy for quite some time. Yet what she really wanted is to find out if it was possible to work in all areas of her life at once, in a holistic and feminine approach.

This is what she says :

“I longed for a long-term, 360 degree, holistic experience that would help me to reconnect with and express my true self, whom I had neglected for a very long time as I dedicated myself to pleasing and taking care of others. I was thrilled when I discovered that Samiel would work with me on exactly this basis.”

It wasn’t that Clarisse wasn’t supporting herself, reaching out for help or even successful in overcoming certain things already. She was longing for more –and falling short.

Clarisse had dreams for herself beyond her career, and was absolutely committed to leave behind her patterns, behaviours and stories so she could move forward. But she needed a space and a practice that could help her to see herself and do things differently in the next phase of her life and career.

For Clarisse, that meant few things :

  • to be able to connect the woman she was at that moment with the vision of the one she wanted to be one year later, and who will pull her out from her crossroad.
  • totally accept and forgive her “inner persona” who was compromising and suffering despite the external success, so she could feel whole and strong again.
  • pulling down her resistance to feel all the feelings (or wall to non-feeling as she names it) to build up an emotional intelligence and intuition she had forgotten she had.
  • deprogramming her “addiction to perfection” and patterns that learned and practiced since childhood.

She continues to say: “I feel that I have rediscovered the self whom I knew since birth and whom I had neglected. The self who will make my next chapters the very best of my life! Thank you Samiel ! “ – Clarisse

Maybe you’re in a similar place right now: things are working, your life is good but you’re not getting ahead as fast and as whole as you’d like to. You could keep doing what you’ve always done… but you know there is much more of you to be expressed and shared in your relationships, family, work and business. You know there are things within you that definitely need to go.

The Purpose Play Pleasure program is a knowledge, skill and attitude based process that leverages the medicine of curiosity to revisiting the woman you have been and the choices you have made based on her ways of being; unlearning old patterns and conditioning and embodying the extraordinary glowing woman you are here to be.

When you do that, you can make choices from a place of love and self-respect rather than from a place of fear and doubt.

Do you dare ?

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