Your CREATRIX Power – and my intimate pain

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Grandmothers of Guatemala say that the Great Spirit decided to keep inside every woman, one of the greatest treasures of creation … THE POWER TO GESTATE.

Yet we rarely understand the true meaning of these words because we assume that gestate refers only to the ability to procreate, to give birth … but the concept of gestating for native people has a deep sense of transformation, generosity, surrender, nutrition and creation.

When we understand that this power constantly vibrates within us as a potential agent of change of our life and everything around us, we are aware of the great force that we nest within us and the great responsibility we have with ourselves and with our environment.

Freedom is nothing but the consciousness that we can create our reality. Once this knowledge penetrates every cell of our being, there are no limits or barriers that can catch us.” – Adriana Rojas, Mayan Priestess & Guardian of the Sacred Knowledge of Women.

I heard this for the first time back in 2011 when I visited the Grandmothers.

I started to remember…

The power to gestate is intrinsically related to the sense of “self worth” of a woman.

In this part of the world, we experience the paradox of the high expectations of becoming a mother and the undervalued role of motherhood. Women are torn again and again when it comes to make important life choices : career, business owner, motherhood, friends, fitness, travels…

Not even mention the guilt and shame inflicted upon women who lose pregnancies. A pregnancy should be kept in silence for 3 months… How do we heal the loss, if we are afraid to feel the grief ? How do we seek Soulful guidance in case of infertility ? Where do we find kind and holistic support if all stays unspoken and hidden ?

For two years now, I thought I wanted to be a mother. 

I say I thought because I remember when I was a little girl I already knew I was not going to be a mother. But I got distracted, influenced by external voices and suddenly I thought I should have a baby.

So we tried with my partner. But I didn’t get pregnant. And the pain was raw and big for a couple of months :

Am I worthy as a woman if I don’t give birth to a baby ?

This question inflicted so much pain and suffering. So much self questioning. Discussions and not easy conversations for us as a couple.

“But I always knew I am not going to be a mother in this lifetime” – it was my internal thought that I could not make peace with.

I was totally torn, feeling horrible in my body and confused in my Soul.

“I have to check in with my astral chart” – I thought and so I did. “Indeed -my astrologer said- in your chart there are no babies. It is not on your Soul path.”

I reflected upon the whole thing for a while and only 2 weeks ago I made my decision : I am not going to have a baby.

I am now at peace. I now remember. And I now know for sure my worth is not defined by having a baby or not. Making a conscious decision  set me free from this huge pain and weight.

My mom is still expecting me to give her a grandchild. I made peace with that pressure too. Really. A woman who can’t live her life on her terms will always put pressure on others. She incarnates this shadow aspect of the mother 🙂

I feel that Dare to Glow is my baby. That I can gestate so many ideas to bring harmony, beauty and peace to so many women, men and families and the world. I have to be a BIG MAGIC MAMA to hold the space for so many babies !!

What an exploration this has been!!

The power to gestate …. Most of us have not reflected on this sacred power. We go about womanhood unclear, unaware, collecting external expectations, pressure, guilt and shame – whether we have a child or not. Plus, people will always have something to say anyway ! It is our responsibility to fully own our desires and hold the space we want to be in – freeing ourselves from other’s agendas.

I’ve been curious about this power and how it can teaches us to create our life in an empowered, feminine way. In a balanced way between our masculine and feminine qualities.

I feel it is time that we awaken this power in us, and take full charge of our lives and what we create for the world.

This is beyond “going with the flow” or being just “creative”. The power to gestate activates your awareness to consciously create your finances, your relationships, your business, your home and even your spirituality !


During the Creatrix Power Retreat early 2016 I received this activation that is now available. Just sign up for the newsletter (in the right column) and you receive this free gift. You’ll be guided to activate your three power centres : your womb, your heart and your mind.

Celebrating your Creatrix Power,

Samiel Priestess Dare to Glow